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Beckett turned ten months old last Friday! He had a pretty fantastic month. First real vacation, teeth, some good weight gain. Last week, he started Gram’s boot camp. Each morning, my mom comes over and spends about three hours with him doing vision and physical therapy. In just a week, I already see him making such great progress! Between that and the weekly chiro visit, I have high hopes of developmental breakthroughs soon!

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We spent Memorial Day weekend at home, determined to potty train our stubborn little two-year-old. We’ve been “working on it” for a few months already, but not giving it much effort. We’d put her in big girl underwear on the weekends but still send her to daycare in diapers. Since we had a three day weekend at home though, I decided we’d crack down.

Everything up to this point has been a breeze with Addie. We broke her of the paci just after two years by simply telling her one night that it was broken. For days after, she’d tell us, “paci is broken” and just fall asleep without protest. Everything has been like that with her, super easy, minimal effort. I thought potty training would be the same. She can verbalize so well and seemed ready to start trying last summer, but we delayed because Beckett was coming.

Now, nearly a year later, it’s a nightmare! She hates being wet but never wants to stop playing to sit on the toilet. And forget about her telling you. We have to ask and ask and ask again, then finally when she decides she wants two more jelly beans, she’ll agree to sit on the potty. If we don’t catch her before she goes though, it’s a huge puddle on the carpet and a screaming child refusing to move because her pants are wet.

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How can this sweet girl be such a pain in the rear sometimes? She’s lucky she’s so adorable!!

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Monday mornings are tough around our house, but this one was especially so after spending an entire week waking up to panoramic views of the ocean. We just returned from a wonderful trip to the Sonoma coast with my parents and Auntie Lyssa. We started planning this trip about a year ago after realizing my mom had a milestone birthday this year. We threw around a number of ideas that didn’t work out for one reason or another, and finally decided on Bodega Bay. Jimmy, Addie, Beckett and I left after gymnastics last Saturday morning and headed to Nana & Poppy’s house. They were so kind to pug-sit for the week while we were away. Nana even gave miss diabetic Marlie her shots twice a day! So we spent Saturday playing outside in the muggy afternoon sun – which lead to two nearly naked babes and Addie armed with a spray bottle.

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Sunday was Mother’s Day. We woke up and had a nice breakfast with Mama G/Nana before heading on into Sonoma. First stop was Train Town. I highly recommend this for anyone travelling through wine country with little ones. We enjoyed a short train ride through a little storybook town and petting zoo, then took Addie on her first roller coaster ride and Beckett on his first carousel ride. Addie had a blast! I think Beckett approved too.

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Our next stop was Harvest Moon Winery where they were having a wine tasting and lunch in the courtyard. Addie ran around and splashed in a fountain, Beckett enjoyed the fresh air, and I had wine. Perfect Mother’s Day!

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We stayed one night in Santa Rosa before making the quick drive over to Bodega Bay. It was a little cold and windy all week, but our beach house was wonderful! Beautiful views of the ocean from nearly every window, a short walk to the beach, and a spacious kitchen. It was amazing! We didn’t do much of anything – played board games, ate delicious food, “swam” with Addie in the spa, watched So You Think You Can Dance (seriously, can’t get enough, even on vacation!).  Addie was a little hot and cold with the beach. She’d be really excited to go, but wasn’t a big fan of the sand on her feet. She was also hot and cold with the kite. Super excited to fly it, then didn’t want it to go up in the air. Yes, she wanted to just stand there on the beach and hold the tail. We finally convinced her that letting it fly was more fun. Side note, humidity does amazing things to this girl’s hair!!

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She was also pretty stoked to see peanuts characters everywhere. Lucy was outside our hotel in Santa Rosa, Woodstock was in front of the restaurant where we had breakfast, and Charlie Brown was outside of dinner. This may have been a highlight of the trip for her! I had to bribe her to get her to leave Lucy alone! The Charles Schulz Museum is in Santa Rosa for anyone wondering why there are Peanuts everywhere 🙂

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After a lovely 4 days exploring the Sonoma Coast, we said farewell to Gram, Gramps and Auntie and headed back to EDH. We spent our last couple of days with Jimmy’s family, eating some more, shopping, and another “swim” for Addie. The pugs sure enjoyed their week eating Nana & Poppy’s garden and we loved spending a little time with more family. Such a great way to end a perfect vacation!

In Beckett news, his first front tooth popped through on Saturday. The other is just about there. He had two giant swollen mounds on his gums the week before we left. I think he was in a little pain, but he was a trooper the whole trip! Again, he didn’t want to cooperate for a picture, but you can kind of see it here.


So, nine days off and I’m already longing for another vacation! Auntie turns 21 in October. I sure hope she wants to do something toddler-friendly to celebrate!

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In my life before children, I was a 9+ hour a night sleeper. In bed by 10 and up around 7 was my ideal world. A perfect weekend would involve a late breakfast, some out-of-the-house adventure and then home for a two to three hour nap. I’m not a cat-napper. Those half hour siestas are not my style. I need to commit to a full rest in order for it to be worth anything at all.

When Addie was little(er), I thought she had inherited my love for sleep. She was on a schedule (self-imposed, I should add). Wake up around 8, play for a bit, then get tired and tell us she wanted to take a nap. I’m not kidding! She would just stop, mid-activity, and say “I wanna take a nap” and off she trotted down the hall to her room. She would do this without prompting…twice a day!

Then she turned two.

Somehow, our amazing sitter still gets an afternoon nap out of her, but when she’s home with us, not a chance.

So this weekend, you can imagine my surprise when after bath time on Sunday, as I was rock-a-bye baby-ing Addie, she fell asleep. Completely out. In my arms. We have a ritual that started when she was probably just over a year old. After every bath, we wrap her in her towel, scoop her up, and sing rock-a-bye baby…and any other songs she wants sung to her after that – usually itsy-bitsy spider and twinkle, twinkle.

Beckett had just taken a bath too, which he still hates, so Jimmy was getting him dressed. I slipped Addie down on our bed, then snuggled Beckett and he fell asleep too. What are the chances??! We must have been living in some strange alternate universe this day because I was able to lay them both in our bed without them waking and actually got a few things done in our 45 minutes of quiet.

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I think it’s amazing that no matter how tired I am, having a sweet little baby asleep in my arms makes all the day’s frustrations go away. At the end of every day, I’m reminded that we have two of the most precious children and I couldn’t be more blessed and honored to be their mother.

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8 Years Down…

Apparently this week’s posts are all about numbers 🙂

Yesterday, Jimmy and I celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary! We’ve both done a lot of growing in those eight years, and though our wedding day was amazingly fun, I wouldn’t go back for one second. I love where we are now. Our family brings me so much joy! And seeing how much Addie and Beckett adore their father makes me love him even more! I’m thankful every day that I found a partner who is caring and fun and contributes so much to our family.

And he gives pretty good gifts too…

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Love you, Mr. Gibson!!!


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