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Eight is Great!

Our little peanut turned 8 months old on Sunday. In the past month, he’s decided that scooting around in his crib is fun! As is rolling onto his tummy (while still swaddled) to sleep. Most of the time, he moves completely out of view of the monitor, so when I wake up in the middle of the night to take a quick peek at his cute little sleeping face, he’s no where to be found. Being the paranoid mom that I am, I then have to get out of bed and go into his room to make sure he’s still there and breathing. A bonus to this though, he’s slept through the night 3 or 4 times in the last few weeks! Baby steps, but we’re making progress! He had a really good visit with his PT last week. He usually behaves so well when she comes. She did some new sitting positions with him so that he can put weight on his arms and strengthen his core.


He’s generally a pretty happy baby. His fussy time is usually from 5:30-6:30 then he usually eats and falls right to sleep. He’s also started to enjoy bath time more in the past month. He’s had 2 or 3 calm baths, no screaming. Most of the time, he’s not a fan. I think he gets too cold, but we’re seeing progress there too! Good thing, since I really like clean kids but really dislike the red-faced screeching!! That’s about it for his last month. More appointments coming up – vision specialist, developmental ped, our regular ped for a weight check, and of course more PT and chiro visits. Can’t wait to see what this next month brings!!

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Funny thing, nearly every day at work, around mid-afternoon, I scroll through pictures on my phone. If your phone was filled with pictures of two of the cutest kids in the world, you probably would as well! I usually find pictures of Addie doing something hilarious and Beckett in his usual position propped up on the couch or on someone’s lap. Today though, I realized, my goodness, we’ve been busy! And, I have some super cute pictures of it all 🙂

photo (6)

A couple weekends ago, our daycare friend Daniel had a birthday party at Gymboree. Having never been there, we weren’t sure what to expect. The owner who ran the party reminded me of Cheri O’Teri from the SNL cheerleader sketch. She was amazing! I bet if we would have taken Beckett there a couple months ago and he threw up right in her face, she’d keep right on singing and clapping (there I go with the vomit-talk again). Addie had a blast. Her favorite part by far was the bubbles. These weren’t a few little bubbles here and there. I’m talking like a monsoon of bubbles! Bubbles everywhere! The picture doesn’t nearly do it justice!

photo (2)photo (8)

photo (3)

And as you can see, Addie refused to take her skirt off so we went to the party in full fashion. If it were a little girl’s party, I may have put more effort into my objection, but something told me that Daniel wouldn’t mind Addie being so fancy. At least we got rid of the glasses.

photo (5)

This past weekend, after a busy morning filled with gymnastics and donuts, Addie’s friend Priya came over so Seema and I could attend a Pi Phi alumnae meeting. Yes, that means Jimmy babysat three kids for three whole hours. Isn’t he amazing! Addie and Priya played non-stop.

photo (7)

And within about five minutes of her leaving, this is what we had…

photo (9)

Since Addie has decided weekend naps aren’t for two-year-olds, this only lasted about an hour. The following hour was filled with a tantrum for no apparent reason! Luckily, Jimmy and I had plans to go to a friend’s 30th birthday, so we had an out at 7 (thanks Gram & Gramps!). We stayed out way to late (just kidding, it was only 11) and between that and losing an hour on Sunday thanks to daylight savings, we were both hoping for another weekend to recover from our weekend!

photo (10)

Today, we had Beckett’s follow up with the GI doctor. He’s gained 10 ounces since we last saw him, but for as much as he’s eating, the doctor expected it to be more. This kid is a puzzle to everyone, it seems! So, another weight check in 4 weeks, then a follow up in 2 months. No good news, but no bad news either, so we’ll just keep up with feedings and hopefully get him on more solids. Now would probably be a good time for that nutritionist that I upset last month…oh well!

Anyway, here’s the standard picture of Beckett for the week.


Such a doll, isn’t he?!!?

And, I’ll leave you with one of my faves of the sibling love we have going on in our house. Addie’s the best big sister!

photo (4)


And, on a side note, as I’ve mentioned, Addie spends way too much time on my iPad or her kindle (yes, she has her own now that daddy upgraded) and a friend of mine recently turned me on to Smart Apps for Kids. It’s a must if you have technology-loving little ones. They post free, fun, educational apps daily. So, go there and sign up for their emails. You won’t be disappointed!!

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