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When Addie was a baby, I remember thinking that each month was the most amazing month with her. And each month, it just kept getting better! I can say without hesitation, that Beckett’s last month was his best yet! His reflux seems to have subsided. He still throws up an entire bottle on occasion, but it’s not daily (I’m hopeful that one day soon, I can write an entire blog post without mentioning Beckett’s vomit habits – so stick with me!!). In the last month, Beckett cut back to seeing our favorite Dr. Amanda just once a week. He had his 6-month pediatrician check-up, had a follow up with the GI doctor and neurologist, and had two very productive sessions with his physical therapist. I think I already talked about most of those, so not much new to report. He’ll see the PT every two weeks so we’re hoping she can make good progress now that he’s more focused and happy. I’m not sure if I mentioned this before, but last time she worked with him, he made 4 or 5 coo sounds in the hour she saw him, which is more than he usually does in an entire day. I think he likes the stretching! So, finally a good month is behind us! I think (hope) he’s around 14 pounds now. We’ve slacked a bit on solid foods, but this weekend, we tried oatmeal and he did great! Almost ate an entire bowl, then finished up with a full 6-oz bottle. His cheeks are getting a little chunky now too. I really think he might be the cutest baby ever. He has the prettiest blue eyes and lashes to die for! He also has these random super-long hairs on his head, which his dad likes to pull out straight. I’d say the longest is about three inches. He’s also getting a little wave in the longish part behind his ear. I wonder if he’ll get the curls like his sister.


We had a great time in EDH visiting Jimmy’s side of the family. Nana insists on babysitting – which gives me good shopping time. I always feel badly when we return home to find out that our child has screamed at her the entire time (Addie behaved the same way!) but it doesn’t seem to phase her. We took Addie with us to the outlets and then the next day to this new outdoor mall which may become my new favorite place to shop when we visit. It has fun statues and fountains that Addie wanted to look at “all day long”…her catch phrase of the weekend. We treated her to yogurt at Pinkberry and she said, “I want to stay at the store and eat yogurt all day long.” Seriously, that full sentence came out of her mouth! She’s crazy. This week, her new obsession is letters. At gymnastics she could recognize all the letters in “z-e-b-r-a”. I feel a bit ashamed of the many hours of Super Why she has watched since Beckett was born, but now that I see it pay off, I guess I don’t mind so much 🙂

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I love how Valentine’s Day has evolved with a family. Instead of a romantic date night, Jimmy and I spent a quiet evening at home eating a nice dinner and snacking on cookies way too late with our little loves. Beckett fell asleep after a nice bath and a warm bottle of milk, so unfortunately missed the cookies this year, but next year, I’m sure he’ll be as excited as Addie was – and probably equally high on sugar. When Jimmy woke Addie up in the morning, he told her it was Valentine’s Day. She told him it was about hearts. Smart girl!!

photo (6)photo (7)

It’s amazing how much Addie has changed in a year. I was looking at her Valentine’s picture from last year here. She barely had any hair! This year at daycare, she made a hat out of a paper plate. It’s very creative! She gave all her friends butterflies and Beckett gave them crazy straws.

photo (3)

Beckett’s had a few follow-up appointments since my last post. GI doctor didn’t have much to say. We’re adding a little dairy back into his diet and will see him again in March. Neurologist says he’s pleased with his cognitive and social development but concerned about his muscle tone. It could be cerebral palsy, but they won’t diagnose that until after a year when they can rule everything else out. He doesn’t want to see us back until June. We saw his pediatrician this week and he’s only 13 pounds, 4 ounces, so not much weight gain since last time. He’s in the 5th percentile for weight, but 50th for length (26 1/4 inches) and head. We’re still seeing Dr. Amanda once a week and are starting to see a physical therapist every two weeks. Hopefully she can help him progress, especially now that he’s keeping his food down.

Some days, my impatience gets the better of me, and I wish he’d do more, but he really is making progress. He wakes up happy most days and stretches in his crib. We just got him two new toys to look at which he seems to be quite thrilled with. He gets a lot of mat time, which Addie loves!

photo (4)

Addie’s developing such a funny personality. She keeps up laughing all day long. For months now, we’ve been having her say “cheese” for the camera, but she ends up making a scrunchy face. So, we transitioned to “pretty” which turns out much better. But the other night, I was trying to take her picture and every time, right before the flash, she’d make this face…

photo (5)

She probably did this 5 times in a row. She was happily watching a movie, and as soon as the camera light came on, this is what I got. I can’t imagine where she learns these things.

We’re heading to El Dorado Hills this weekend. It’s a bit of a challenge to travel with Beckett still, and now that we have a diabetic dog (poor Marlie), we have to bring them too, but we haven’t visited since Thanksgiving. We’re long overdue. And I’m in need of a little outlet shopping! Happy three-day weekend! I’m sure I’ll be back next week with more pictures of the kids. So predictable these days 🙂


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