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Six months! Yes, today Beckett is six whole months old! The beginning of this past month was pretty status quo – bouts of reflux, lots of baby vomit, evening fussiness. This past week though, I think we’re working with a whole new kid. Beckett has thrown up maybe two or three times since last Friday. That’s nearly a whole week!! He’s focusing more, stretching a lot, smiling, reaching (though not yet grabbing), and usually makes one little “aahhh” a day. Oh, and the biggest benefit to not vomiting multiple times a day…he can lay on his back and sleep in his crib again. For the past few months (at least two, maybe three), he’s been sleeping in his bouncy chair in his crib. Now that he’s bigger and very strong, if he positions his feet just right, he can nearly launch himself out of that thing. So, sleeping directly on his mattress again, kind of a huge deal. Funny how we get so excited about these seemingly tiny things!

This past month, he ¬†saw his developmental specialist, physical therapist, nutritionist, GI doctor, and a pediatric opthamologist. Oh, and oh course Dr. Amanda, our brilliant chiropractor. We’ve been busy! Nothing new to report, just another month of keep doing what you’re doing and let him work it out. We have big appointments coming up though – GI doctor next week, neurologist follow up after that and his 6-month check-up with our pediatrician. Now that he’s keeping his milk down, hopefully he’s gaining some weight, and all these appointments will go well.

In other big Beckett news, we gave him his first taste of solids – avocado! I figure it’s high in good fats, so worth a try. He seemed to like it the first couple of times, but we weren’t as successful the last time. I think he was tired and starving. With this new-and-improved spirit, maybe we’ll be more successful this weekend.

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Addie seems to love Beckett 2.0 as well. She’s always snuggling him and giving him kisses. She’s been a busy little thing too. We celebrated her friend, Olivia’s 3rd birthday at a super fun princess party. She spent lots of time with Gram and Gramps since Jimmy and I had to go to Vegas two weekends in a row. She’s developed a new obsession with Super Why and Little Einsteins, singing all the songs and reciting the words to every episode. She’s also learned many new phrases from these, “let’s see”, “I wonder”, and when she figures out what she’s thinking of, “oh, I know”. And, I’m not sure if 2-year-olds can grasp sarcasm, but she now says, “uhhh, no” in a very questionable tone. I think we’re in trouble!

Today she had to get a flu shot, and though she cried, she was quite pleased to get a lollipop after. As we were walking to the car, she said, “I love lollipops.” Yes, sweet Addie. They are quite good.

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