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Beckett’s Room

Just looking back over this year’s blogging, I realized I never posted pictures of Beckett’s room. There are still a couple projects I need to finish, but I don’t think he minds much 🙂


photo (2)


photo (3)



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Our little family had such a fun Christmas! Addie, Jimmy and I went to Christmas Eve church – the first time since Grom passed away. It was always our tradition to go to church with her each year, which probably explains why candlelit Silent Night makes me sob like a baby! Addie didn’t want to nap all day, but fell asleep as soon as we parked the car. She managed to sleep (or fake sleep) through almost the whole service, but perked right up with we lit the candles. We’re members of St. Lukes, and though I love the pastor and congregation, we decided to give Good Shepard a try. I really loved their youth pastor, so think we might spend a few Sundays there and maybe get back to being church-goers again.

After church, we went to my mom & Vic’s house for steak and lobster. Yum! While Vic was finishing up dinner, Addie and Auntie Lyssa were playing with Gram’s musical figurines (don’t grandmas always have the coolest stuff?? My Gammy has a taxidermied alligator, no joke! And Grom had a collection of probably 500 pigs! I just love grandmas!!) and out of no where, Addie exclaims “Oh my gosh, it’s wonderful!” Then, looking at a giant pile of presents by the front door, she says, “It’s party time!”

I have no idea where she gets some of these expressions! She’s a riot!

Addie got a giant trampoline, a princess castle, and a ball pit, among a few other things, so spent her entire Christmas playing. No naps, again, just jumping and running around from 8am – 8 pm, then finally crashed!

We had a delicious dinner with my parents, Papa, and Aunt Trisha and Ed, kids were asleep by 8 and Jimmy and I vegged out on our new tablets for about an hour before we fell asleep by 9:30. I just love Christmas!!








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Five months today! Isn’t that exciting? OK, not so much, but the fact that Jimmy and I have survived FIVE MONTHS with two little turkeys is something to celebrate! And hey, guess what? I think we’re finally at a turning point with Beckett! Ha ha, I say that every month, but really, he’s had an amazing few days and I’m willing it to continue.


So, a recap of the last month, hmmm…let’s see. Did I tell you he’s seeing a chiropractor? Dr. Amanda is possibly the most amazing thing ever. She works here and you should probably go see her if you’re ever in the market for a chiropractor – regardless of where you live, seriously, she’s that good. He’s been seeing her twice a week for about 5 weeks now and has made amazing strides. The first time we went, he was pretty fussy and whimpering in pain the whole time. Now he just settles right down and most times, he sleeps so much better on the days that he sees her. And throws up less!

Beckett also went to a GI doctor a few weeks back who didn’t do a whole lot but referred us to get a barium swallow test. He sat in this giant chair fitted with a little infant seat and drank this gross looking chalky substance while a speech therapist evaluated his suck and swallow. All is working wonderfully, so although we didn’t get any answers as to why he throws up all the time, at least we ruled one more thing out!

Then, the next week, Beckett saw an audiologist to make sure his hearing was adequate (he’s not cooing yet, so there was some concern from his developmental specialist that maybe he couldn’t hear) and the next day, we met with a physical therapist to get some suggestions on ways to help him eat more comfortably and some things to practice with him to strengthen his core. He was having trouble with tummy time and is still not reaching for toys, so we’re trying some different positions to help him. We also saw his pediatrician the next week for his 4 month check up and shots…stats: 25 1/4 inches and 12 pounds, 14 ounces. He was 75th percentile for height and 10th for weight, so at least back on the chart! Our next appointment with him isn’t until 6 months, so we’re working on chunking this kid up between now and then, and hopefully starting solids after that.

I think I counted 7 different doctors that are actively monitoring Beckett now – our pediatrician, developmental pediatrician (who we won’t see again until he’s a year old), neurologist (follow-up next month), audiologist (we’ll see her again around 9 months old), physical therapist (who we see again in a couple weeks), nutritionist (who we see monthly), GI doctor (who we hope not to have to see again!), and our amazing chiropractor. Oh, that’s 8! And of course, the developmental specialist who we see monthly who is hooking us up with almost all of these people. Whew, that’s a lot!! No wonder we’re running around crazy most of the time!

Our little two-year-old sassy pants also had a visit with our pediatrician a couple weeks back. She’s now 28 pounds (I think that’s 50th percentile) and although she had a complete meltdown when we tried to get her height, I think we finally were able to estimate 34 1/2 inches. I don’t know what percentile that is, but let’s just generalize that she’s freakishly tall. No joke, she’s almost outgrowing 2T clothing. The shirts are pretty short on her and some of the pants will be high-waters very soon. She says the funniest things! I’ve been meaning to keep a journal of some of her more common expressions, but until then, they’ll just have to live on here. So, Addie’s favorite phrases at 2 years:

“What happened” (shrugging shoulders and palms to the sky)

“Oh no!” – often followed by “what happened?”

“Guess what, Mom” – this first time she said this, it was followed by “I’m eating a sandwich”. Really.

“Oh, man” – though not common, it was hilarious when she said it!

“Beautiful!” – used frequently while we were driving around looking at Christmas lights, but most often reserved for when she’s looking in the mirror or combing her hair

“Delicious” – funniest when she uses it while having you taste her pretend soup that she just made in her play kitchen

“Help please” – this is a daily expression

“Picky up” – also used daily (multiple time) when she wants to be held

“Look at me” – more of a demand than a sweet “hey mom, look at me” statement, most commonly used when you’re in the middle of cooking and not paying her any attention

“You’re welcome” – used most often when she should be saying “thank you”

“Excuse me please” – often followed by shoving a dog or a leg that’s blocking her path to the couch

“On the table” – this is for any time you’re holding something that she wants, usually food or drink

“No, no, no ____________” (insert name here, usually Jett, Mommy, or Blakey, her favorite daycare friend) – never less than three “no’s” and usually accompanied by a finger wag or a “stop” hand; used most often when you look at her toy, walk near her, or just breathe wrong in her presence

“Oh my gosh” – this one just popped up recently and I’m not sure where it came from, but it’s pretty funny when it flies out of her mouth

“Good night, lub you” – my personal favorite!

I know there’s more, so I’ll update the list as I think of them. She’s such a funny little thing! We drove around looking at Christmas lights over the weekend. Though it was freezing and windy, I think her face shows how much she enjoyed it!

photo (2)

We hope all our friends and family have a lovely Christmas! Thanks for all the love you’ve show us this year! We can’t wait to see you all soon!

photo (3)

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Look Who’s Two!

Our sweet little Adelyn turned two yesterday. Two. That’s not a joke. How did we go from this…


to this…

photo (8)

in just two years? I was really excited for this milestone, but now that it’s passed, I woke up feeling a bit sad that my baby girl is growing up so fast. Ah, the joys of motherhood, right??

We had an amazing weekend celebrating our sassy little princess. Saturday morning, Addie went to gymnastics as usual, then we headed to the Discovery Museum to celebrate with some of our favorite people. Addie’s daycare friends came, as well as her cousins and some of our other faves. Nana and Poppy came over from EDH to play too, thank goodness, since Mr. Beckett was a bit fussy and ended up falling asleep in Nana’s arm for the entire party! We ate lots of cake (mickey and minnie cake pop picture added below), colored, went down the green tree slide over and over and over and over, then ended the morning by getting soaking wet at in the water. After a quick cat nap in the car, Addie was ready to play the afternoon away at home. We somehow managed to keep her away from her presents until Sunday (her actual birthday) when Gram and Gramps could come over and celebrate with us. Addie made out this year, getting a ridiculous amount of really fun toys and some super-cute clothes. She seemed pretty pleased with turning two! Oh, also, she’s decided that two-year-old naps are overrated and opted to skip them all weekend. Hope that doesn’t stick!

photo (5)


photo (3)




photo (4)

photo (2)

photo (6)



Happy 2nd Birthday, Adelyn! We love you so very much!!

And, just because he’s cute…

photo (7)

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