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Today is Beckett’s three-month birthday! Honestly, it’s been a long three months. I feel like he should be older by now 🙂

His list of likes is finally starting to even out with his dislikes:


Tummy time with daddy – however, don’t try it on the floor. That’s a huge dislike.

Lounging on his changing table.

Hanging out in his swing while mommy gets ready for work.

Eating – most of the time this is a like, however, there’s still the occasional meal that turns into a dislike.

Daycare with Linda – we’re going on two good weeks!



Car rides

Being put down anywhere that is not his changing table or swing

I remember three months being a huge turning point for Addie, so hopefully we’re heading into fun times ahead with this adorable little boy!

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Our sweet Beckett boy is 12 weeks today. That also means my maternity leave is over. I’m glad that Beckett will get to play with new friends at daycare, but part of me wants to spend every second with him to make up for those first weeks. However, I think spending 8 hours at the office instead of at home with a fussy baby will be best for my sanity.

Knowing that our bonding sessions over daytime television would soon come to an end, we packed in as much fun as we could in the weeks leading up to today.

Since the last update, Beckett’s had a few more doctor’s appointments, a neurologist follow-up, developmental pediatrician, 2-month check up and shots with our favorite ped. Nothing new to report, so far he’s developing just as he should, though he could stand to pack on a few more pounds.

Aside from all that, we’ve managed to cram in as much fun as possible while I was off work. We spent a weekend in El Dorado Hills, took Addie to the Sacramento Zoo, woke up way to early for the Balloon Races, celebrated Papa’s 90th birthday, visited with cousins for a weekend, celebrated Alyssa’s 20th birthday, enjoyed an afternoon at the Discovery Museum, and picked pumpkins and apples at Apple Hill. Such a fun start to our fall season!

Addie at the zoo – 9/2

Beckett’s first smiles – 9/6

Balloon Races – 9/8

Fun with Ewan – 9/15

2-months old! – 9/24

Check out those lashes! – 10/11

Addie at the Discovery Museum – 10/12

Apple Hill – 10/14

Beckett’s first day at Linda’s – 10/15



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