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Well, we’ve hit 39 weeks and still no baby. I’ve organized the house, cleaned, baked, and had Jimmy assemble everything possible. Now I’m bored with nothing to do and I was really hoping to not have to work this week. I have all my instructions in order for someone to take over my work, and I just don’t want to do anything else. Come out baby boy…

Also, this weekend, Addie slayed a dinosaur…


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Last week, Jimmy & I took a much needed 2 days off to get things in order for this baby boy. We’ve been completely slacking on preparing for his arrival so a 5-day weekend was in order! The first day of our “weekend” was the 4th, and while we got a bit of work done in the morning, we did manage to fit in some fun too. We had a lovely barbecue with Gram & Gramps, Trisha, Ed, and Papa. Addie was super festive in her star tank but quickly soaked herself with water in Gram & Gramps’  backyard.

The next three days were filled with housework – painting a tree in Addie’s room, painting chair rail for Gramps to install, moving furniture, washing all the boys’ new stuff, folding, organizing, setting up his temporary digs in our room…lots of fun stuff! Addie’s room took the longest – especially when you consider we’ve been working on it for probably two months now! This is the third time we’ve done this same room for her, and she’s just 19 months old! Crazy!! The boy’s room isn’t quite done yet, and his dresser and bedding are back ordered until the end of August, so no pictures there yet, but here are a couple of Addie’s new set up.

Finally, by the actual weekend, we got to have a little fun. My co-worker’s daughter turned three on Sunday, so we joined them for a party at Chuck E. Cheese. I wasn’t sure how Addie would do with so many kids and giant puppets, but she had a blast! She loved the rides and couldn’t get enough of the singing characters and even hi-fived Chuck when he came out to sing to the birthday kids. She was completely beat by the end and took a good power nap in the car on the way home.

In boy news, we’re up to 37.5 weeks. Jimmy’s convinced he has no more room and is coming soon. He told me I need to pack my hospital bag last night. I think he’s excited to be a daddy of 2!!

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