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Yay, the pictures are in! Click here for a sneak peek from Kendall’s blog.

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My goodness, we’ve been busy! I don’t think there’s ever a dull moment with an 18-month-old. At least not with ours. Our weekends have been packed since the last time I posted…barbecues with friends, baby shower for my co-worker, even a little “sprinkle” for the boy. All this while trying to paint two nurseries (Addie has to move rooms so this little one can be close to our room, so we’re working on painting the tree – for the third time!), and let Addie experience all the fun things there are to do in Reno during the summer! It really is the best time of year here – though being 34 weeks pregnant makes me not want to spend much time outdoors. Regardless, I endured the 95+ degree heat this weekend so we could fill our days with good food, horses, and a relaxing father’s day at the pool!

Friday after work, we contemplated the rodeo, but Jimmy got distracted by the sign twirler on his way home and we ended up at the farmers’ market. I think Addie approved of the choice! This market is a bit different, it’s at a plant nursery and behind it is a huge pasture. Addie made friends with the goats and donkeys on our way in. Then, she got to stuff her face with a ridiculous amount of fruit and french fries. She had three apricots and would have finished the whole bag had we not distract her (with more food, of course), but she was still asking for another “orange” on our way out. We finally got her mind off of it by filling her up with frozen yogurt.

After seeing her love of the animals at the market, we decided to check out the free kid’s activities on Saturday at the rodeo. We weren’t sure what to expect, but we hoped there would be some animals to entertain Addie. I think she was a little young to really enjoy herself and she wasn’t too keen on the horses walking around. I think they may have been too big. She didn’t mind them from a distance, but we tried to let her pet one and she wasn’t having it!

She did get to experience her first carnival ride though. I don’t think she or her daddy found it to be overly exciting. It didn’t do much, just went around in circles, but we thought, at the least, she’d enjoy the zebra on the front of her car. Not so much. After that we gave up on the rodeo and went to lunch instead. She was much happier!

In honor of Addie’s amazing daddy, we spent a nice, relaxing father’s day at home. Jimmy mowed the lawn, so I guess there was a low point, but the rest of the day was Daddy/Addie time well spent wrestling, reading books, and swimming at our community pool. Addie loves the water! We start swimming lessons again next week, so we’re hoping she’ll like it even more as the summer goes on.

We had my family over for a nice dinner, then spent the next hour laughing at the crazy things Addie does after getting hopped up on chocolate cake. She was certainly in rare form and crashed hard after everyone left. I can’t imagine the chaos in our future with two!

Speaking of the boy, below is one more belly picture. Last weekend, we did maternity/family pictures with Kendall – we’re trying our hardest to stay on top of documenting this one, but time just slips away from us while running after Addie! So, the picture here is from 30 weeks, and Kendall’s will be at 33 weeks. We’re at 34 today, so I’ll try to remember to get a couple more between now and his birthday.

Yesterday, I thought, six more weeks, that’s plenty of time. But this morning, when I thought, we’re at 5 weeks and some odd days, I felt a little panic come over me. Five weeks is nothing! And we still have so much to do before he comes! I don’t remember feeling stressed about Addie. I’m sure that whole getting my master’s degree thing helped to distract me in the end. Once I get these rooms done, I’m sure I’ll feel much better. Wish me luck!!

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