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After traveling up and down the California coast for 10 days, we’re happy to be back home in our own cozy beds! We had such a fun time and Addie was an amazing road tripper. We started off with a quick over-nighter in El Dorado Hills. Then, bright and early the next morning, we hit the long stretch of I-5 to Los Angeles. The stinky and over-crowded cattle farms on that road make me sick, but it was all for a good cause. We got to spend a few days with my dearest friend, Gina and her sweet husband, Sunil. Addie had so much fun at their house and even though her teeth were chattering and lips were turning blue, she could have stayed in their pool all day!

That Monday morning (April 30th, the best day of the year, our 7-year anniversary!!!), we packed up again and headed up the coast to Monterey. The drive was beautiful though we spent half of it in a cloud of fog. Luckily Addie slept for most of the drive and when she wasn’t sleeping we could keep her happy by feeding her veggie chips, her latest obsession. It was early evening by the time we settled in to our hotel room, so we headed to the wharf for dinner. We spent the next two days playing at the aquarium and soaking up the fresh ocean air at a local farmers’ market. We visited the aquarium during Addie’s nap time, so she wasn’t as excited as I expected, but she still had a great time. Her favorite part was this little water pool with floating fish that they had in a toddler play area. She seriously could have stayed there all day and didn’t mind in the least that her shirt was soaked by the end.

After our Monterey adventures, we headed back to El Dorado Hills. Addie had a great time with Nana & Poppy and even got to visit with RJ and Sharon for a little while. Nana was kind enough to let her have a giant ice cream sandwich for dessert, though it was so big that she only finished half before giving the sloppy mess to mom. She and RJ played soccer in the living room and while it took a while for her to warm up to Sharon (she still remembers and unfortunate peek-a-boo experience), she was willing to give her hugs and kisses before heading off to bed for the night.

We spent most of Thursday at Nana & Poppy’s before heading to our last road trip destination – Lake Tahoe! Our wonderful friends, Lesley & Paul were married in the most amazing church in Squaw Valley. The weather was just perfect and the whole day was absolutely beautiful, just as expected. I managed to not take a single picture at the wedding, I’m terrible, I know, but I did manage to get this cute shot of Jimmy & Addie the first night we got there.

We had the greatest time spending the whole week with Addie and not thinking about work! I wish we were still on vacation, but it’s so nice to be back in Reno in the comfort of our own home. And I think the pugs and kitties are glad we’re back too!

In baby G2 news, we’re officially in our 3rd trimester. I know, I can’t believe it either! This has gone way too fast and we are so unprepared! We have big plans to spend the next few weekends painting, moving rooms around, and hopefully buying lots of stuff to prepare for July. I’ve heard way too many stories lately of babies coming early, so I’m feeling a bit stressed to get a nursery in order. Though I guess Addie didn’t really have one until she was 6 weeks old! I know we’ll manage just fine, but if we could get some things done before, I’d feel a lot more prepared to be a mom of two! Here’s the picture I promised you a while ago. I think it’s somewhere between 25-26 weeks.

I swear this boy is going to be huge! He seems to be taking up a lot more room than Addie was at this point. Luckily all our appointments and ultrasounds have been perfect and he’s measuring right on schedule, but that means we don’t get any more ultrasounds to know his weight or see his cute little face. With Addie, we got to see her progress every four weeks. And I was reassured that she was still a little thing. I think our last ultrasound with her (which would have been 3 weeks before she was born) put her at only 5 pounds. With the way I feel this time around, I wouldn’t be surprised if G2 was there already! I’ll try to remember to take a picture this week. We were much more diligent the first time around 🙂


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