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Our Little Gymnast

Yesterday was Addie’s first day in gymnastics. Yes, she’s only 14 months old, but the class says walking to three, so we went for it. She alternated between speed walking around the gym and crying and demanding to be picked up, but I think she had fun!

We did a little stretching to start, which she enjoyed with the help of Mom, though she didn’t quite catch on to the spinning in circles or slow-motion walking. Then we headed all the way to the back corner of the gym (which she walked to all by herself!) to bounce on the trampoline. She really wanted to try it out, but wasn’t thrilled once she stepped on. She had more fun standing on the side clapping for the other kids. Then it was obstacle course time, where Daddy had to step in to help out. At first she didn’t want to go on anything, but she warmed up a little and tried crawling up the wedge (yes, it’s purpose is for somersaults, but whatever a 14-month old wants to do on it is perfectly acceptable too!). The class ended with a parachute, and Addie watching again instead of participating, but she seemed pretty amused. We have her signed up until the end of March, so hopefully she’ll warm up a bit more and have fun for the next few weeks.

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My Valentine

Addie had the best Valentine’s Day! She was certainly dressed for the occasion this year and when I picked her up from daycare, she was even cuter with a handmade necklace of red noodles and hearts! I just love our sitter!

She had a delicious dinner – actually two dinners – her usual spread of corn, peas, blueberries and a huge bowl of beans and cheese, then enjoyed about half of what was on Jimmy’s dinner plate, fish and parsnip mashed potatoes. After about an hour of rolling around on the couch, her new favorite activity, she crashed hard in her crib! Such a great day spent with the ones I love most!

And, since I haven’t blogged in almost a month, let’s go back a bit and catch up…

A few weeks back, we spent a weekend in Tahoe for Vic’s 50th birthday. Krista and her brood came up too, so we had quite a full house! Addie enjoyed her first snowy adventure…sledding! She loved going down the hill with her Daddy.

And, maybe even cooler than sledding, eating the snow! I swear, she spent a half hour straight just sitting eating chunks of snow.

Some other new loves for Addie, walking everywhere (no more crawling for this one!), hoarding toys (she grabs as many as her little hands can possibly hold), blowing kisses, reading the same book over and over again, growling like a lion (not a new thing, but associating it to the lion page in the animal book is new), saying “bye” as loud as she can every time we leave the sitter’s house, taking bites of food (finally), and giving kisses. Here she is kissing herself in the camera on Dad’s phone…

In other exciting news, Addie’s going to have a sibling in July! We’re thrilled, but each day, something happens that makes me think, “How on earth do we do this with two?” Thank goodness Addie is such a great kid! I think she’ll be the best big sister ever.

I think this picture was 12 weeks. We have an 8 week somewhere, but with all our photo devices, I can’t remember where it is! Baby G2 is definitely showing sooner than I did with Addie. New 16 week picture to come later this week – though I think I’m 17 weeks already?? We have our “20 week” ultrasound schedule for March 19, so maybe at that point we’ll get a firm due date and I can really know how far along we are. I’m guessing 22 at that point, but we’ll see!


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