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The past couple of weeks have been a huge whirl-wind of excitement! Jimmy and I were pretty good about getting all the shopping taken care of in advance, but wrapping was a completely different story. We were scrambling right up until Christmas morning – thank goodness Jimmy is a good present-wrapper (I even “tricked” him into wrapping his own – though I put bows on everything, so it was a joint effort!).

We spent Christmas Eve at my parents house for our steak and lobster tradition. Addie had a little of both, but was more interested in playing with the snowmen and Auntie Lyssa’s phone.

We woke up Christmas morning and opened presents with my parents, Alyssa and Papa. Addie’s favorite gifts were two new baby dolls and a wooden ark handmade by Gramps. She also loved the Marlie pug ornament for a moment, but it didn’t turn out to be very entertaining. I’m sure next year when we’re hanging it on the tree she’ll appreciate it again!

Next, we were off to El Dorado Hills. We started at Richard and Sharon’s house where we had a delicious meal and entertainment (as always) from RJ. Addie loved freaking him out by flipping around on the chair over and over again. He’s decided that she’s simply “too much responsibility”. Probably a good thing for an almost 20-year-old to discover!!

Then we headed to the Smith’s Christmas where Addie had another full plate of food. Larry played the piano and Lisa, Carol, and Lindsey sang. Addie absolutely loved it! She danced and clapped for hours, then “walked” around the kitchen with her “twin” Lindsey. I’ll have to get pictures of Lindsey to post here. Addie looks just like her baby pictures. And Addie absolutely adores her!

It was a busy week, but we had such a good Christmas with our families! I’m so ready for another 3-day weekend to relax and clean my house. I hope everyone had as much fun as we did.

Have a safe and happy new year!

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Birthday Girl

Last Saturday, Addie had the most one-derful first birthday celebration! The house was decorated with an Addie in One-derland theme…wood signs in the yard, lanterns in the trees and strung over the tables, flowers in tea pots, eat me and drink me tags everywhere, and a Very Merry Unbirthday playing in the courtyard as guests arrived. Addie even dressed the part in a blue tutu, white tights, mary janes and a black headband – very Alice-chic! She was a little overwhelmed by all the people and chaos that comes with 35 bodies packed into her usually calm house. She wasn’t a huge fan of the cake, as you can tell by her expression in the pictures. And it wasn’t until everyone left and she had an afternoon nap that she warmed up to the idea of a birthday at all. Just before the sun set, we tied a one-year wish to her balloons and set them free. Then, Jimmy and I opened presents with her, and in true Addie fashion, her favorites were a gift receipt and a $5 bill. It wasn’t until the following day that she realized there was more to play with!

Yesterday, we had her 1-year doctor’s appointment. She’s usually a champ when she gets shots, but the toe prick to measure her iron levels did her in. She was screaming for the rest of the appointment. That will teach us to interrupt her nap time! She’s 31 inches tall (please note that per her daddy’s baby book, he was only 29 inches at a year) putting her in the 95th percentile for height and holding steady at 20 pounds. This drops her into the 25th for weight, but we’re told that it’s normal for this age when they are becoming more active. Doctor’s orders are to feed her as much as she will eat, as often as she wants. Simple enough, right?!

So, that wraps up her first year. Can you believe it? Neither can we.

Bring on toddlerhood!

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Such a simple word, right? A bit ho hum. But when it comes out of the mouth of your 11-month-old, it’s like birds singing! It’s been a couple weeks now since our “official” first word. When I picked Addie up from her sitter’s on Nov. 14, she told me her daughter walked in to the room and Addie turned around and said “hi”, just like she’d been saying it forever, no big deal. Then it was non-stop, hi to the pets, to random people in stores, inanimate objects, pretty much any thing and everything got a friendly greeting. She has been babbling mama and dada for a while, but doesn’t use them in context yet, so we’re giving her official first word to “hi”. We have a video, but it’s stuck on my phone. Once we figure out how to get it on here, we’ll be sure to share!

In other exciting news, we had a fabulous Thanksgiving dinner with my mom, Vic, Alyssa, and Krista’s crew. If you’re looking for new, delicious recipes, try these out. They won’t disappoint:

Turkey – http://www.myrecipes.com/recipe/apple-cider-brined-turkey-with-savory-herb-gravy-10000000780346/

Gravy – http://www.myrecipes.com/recipe/savory-herb-gravy-10000001563853/

Mashed potatoes – use your favorite recipe

Grom’s stuffing – it’s amazing, email me if you want the recipe

Brussel sprouts – http://www.myrecipes.com/recipe/brussels-sprouts-with-apples-10000000364642/

Sweet potato and apple gratin – http://www.myrecipes.com/recipe/sweet-potato-apple-gratin-10000000357649/

rolls – http://www.wholefoodsmarket.com/recipes/2352

cranberries – http://www.wholefoodsmarket.com/recipes/2355

pumpkin apple pie – http://www.wholefoodsmarket.com/recipes/896

pumpkin chocolate cake – http://www.wholefoodsmarket.com/recipes/2635

Addie had her first Thanksgiving meal off a real porcelain plate, filled with all the traditional fixings. She immediately fisted a hunk of turkey, but I think the cranberries and stuffing turned out to be her favorite. She ate both for days to follow!

So now, with one more milestone behind us, we’re gearing up for the big first birthday celebration! I can’t believe we’ll have a 1-year-old by the end of the week! Yikes!! Such an exciting year with this little one!

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