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On the Move…Again

If these jobs of ours don’t work out, I imagine Jimmy & I could become professional movers. Not really, we’re actually quite bad about it, but considering the number of times we’ve moved, I think that could stand alone on a job application for a moving company. Let me take a minute to count…since we graduated, we’ve moved 9 times! We’ve been “officially” dating 10 years this week, so that averages about one move a year. It’s pretty ridiculous when you consider we’ve also owned two houses that we stayed in for about 3 years each.

Anyway, the good thing about this move is that it means my mom & Vic are moving to Reno! Yay! More Gram & Gramps time for Addie (and a babysitter!!), and we get to live a in pretty sweet house with great views of the city for a little while.

And, while all I mentioned already is pretty fantastic in itself, I think the most exciting thing about a move is…

I’m thrilled to have new furniture! It’s amazing and I’m loving that “new furniture” smell. I couldn’t be more thrilled with our purchase! Our old couch made 4 of the above mentioned moves with us, so it was time to part ways. Craigslist and young couples have been my new best friends this week! We sold our red leather couch and chair (which will soon make an appearance at a new bar in downtown Reno – exciting, huh??), our coffee/end table set, two random glass end tables, and our tan sofa and loveseat. And, made a profit of a couple hundred dollars after buying my new loves. Pretty sweet, wouldn’t you agree? Now, just the desk and we’ll be done!

I think Addie’s a fan of the new couch too…

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Halloween Festivities

Addie’s first Halloween was filled with two jam-packed weekends of adventure.

We started with the Ferrari Farms pumpkin patch with her friend Priya. Addie picked out a tiny little pumpkin that she didn’t put down for days. We bought two nice ones to carve, though they only were lit once and promptly thrown in the trash within two days. However, we did get a super-cute picture of Addie with her owl.

Our amazing sitter, Linda, had all the kids dress up Thursday – so stinking adorable!! Did I mention that there is a new baby Adelyn at the sitter’s? A random side though, but something I should share :).

We picked Addie up after her party and headed to El Dorado Hills to visit Nana & Poppy and Addie got to meet her aunts Heidi & Laura, finally! We had a wonderful dinner with Larry & G-ma Lori, and Sharon, Richard, & Dorothy as well. We spent Friday at Apple Hill, eating delicious apple donuts and playing outside in the amazing weather.

Saturday, we woke up bright and early and headed to San Francisco to visit with Krista, Nick & the kids. Addie had a great time until the lack of naps caught up to her around 6:00. Once she went down, she was out for the night and slept most of the way home Sunday.

We got one last burst of Halloween fun in Monday when we took Addie trick or treating with some friends from college. Addie wasn’t too interested in any of it. She was happiest when we gave her a cookie to munch on, but we were pleased with our photo ops and called it an early night. Next year, I’m sure she’ll enjoy it more than we do, but at least we have these precious pics to remember her first Halloween!

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