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Photos in Tahoe

We spent Monday evening with the amazingly talented Kendall Price for Adelyn’s third photo session. For those who don’t know, when Addie was born, we bought a “Baby Steps” package which gives us 4 sessions during her first year. Great idea for procrastinating parents like us who have yet to start filling the gorgeous photo album we received as a baptism gift. We’re committed to newborn, 4 month, 8 month and 1-year pictures, so when we finally get around to it, at least we’ll have 4 pages filled!

This was Addie’s first time in Tahoe, first time in sand too. She was a bit reluctant to start, the pictures in the orange below are early shots, but she loosened up once the “ducks” came to hang out (they’re really geese, and it drives Jimmy crazy that I call them ducks!!). She tasted a piece of wood she found buried in the sand, did a little digging, and of course, licked her hand clean. I can’t decide if she just wanted to taste it or if she was annoyed that her hand was covered, so licking it off was the best line of defense.

Either way, we’re anxiously awaiting the beautiful pictures we’re sure Kendall was able to take. Until then, here are a few of my very unprofessional shots of our fun evening at the lake.

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Who’s the cutest little 9-month-old baby? That would be Miss Adelyn! And at 9 months, she sure knows how to have a good time!

Krista, Nick, Ewan and Oscar came in for the weekend for the Great Reno Balloon Race – my favorite kick off to Fall. Pair that with a pumpkin spice latte and the leaves might as well be turning already. And, I love how Reno knows that hot air balloons mean the weather has to change. Last week, we were still in the 90 degree range and now, we’re waking up to cool, rain-scented mornings! Love it!!

OK, back to the star of the show…

I had a little anxiety about waking Addie up at 4 am, but she was smiling and ready to go. We headed of, car packed with 3 kids, 4 adults and as many Starbucks lattes as we could carry to pick up Auntie Alyssa and meet our favorite friends at Dawn Patrol.

We had a delicious breakfast with friends at Peg’s, took a much needed afternoon nap and headed out to Aunt Krista’s favorite, Bertha Miranda’s. Adelyn loves being out and about, she never fussed the whole day and was such a joy! My goodness, I love this kid!!

Sunday, we grabbed breakfast at Walden’s with Krista and fam, then sent them back to the bay. Not wanting to waste the beautiful Sunday, Jimmy, Addie and I ran a few errands, drove around a few of our favorite neighborhoods and ended up at a quaint little park where we could lounge in the grass and read some books. We noticed there were kiddie swings in the playground, so thought Addie should try them out. I wasn’t sure she’d enjoy this little experiment, but I’d have to say, it was a huge success. Just look at this face…

We took Addie to her 9 month appointment yesterday – 29 1/2 inches, 19 pounds, 5 ounces. That’s 97th percentile for height, in case anyone was curious! Looks like dad’s tall and skinny genes are holding strong!

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It’s been a while since I’ve posted a recipe for you. Occasionally, Jimmy and I make delicious meals at home, though not nearly as often as our pre-Addie days (we cook at home often, just not delicious meals that are blog-worthy!). Lately, anything we cook seems to be a distant second to the exciting things Addie does, so I never get around to posting them. However, last night’s dinner was just too yummy – and pretty – not to share. And, super easy to make! We bought these fantastic little Mahi Mahi burgers from Whole Foods. We’re not usually WF shoppers, however, they tend to have the best selection of organic produce for Addie’s meals, so we caved. Anyway, back to the burgers. We opted for ciabatta buns slathered with a zesty guacamole topped with mango-red pepper salsa. So good! Or, islandy, as Jimmy put it!

To take your mini-vacay to the tropics, pick up a pack of Mahi burgers from your favorite WF market, mix one mango, 1/2 of a red pepper, 1 very small red onion, and juice from one lime. In a separate bowl, mash an avocado with juice of 1 lime and salt and pepper to taste (this may seem too limey but it works). Spread avocado on the top and bottom of the ciabatta, put a layer of fresh lettuce on the bottom and mango salsa on the top, then grill up your burgers. Serve with Jimmy’s amazing sweet potato fries, yum!

And for those of you who could give a hoot about our delish dinners and only come here for Addie, well, here’s your update too 🙂

We finally got a good picture of the teeth. Jimmy had to taunt her with a spoon full of potatoes (our new food of the week) to get her to open  her mouth this big…

And, she’s finally mastered the crawl, instead of the inch worm! Watch out world!!

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