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We have teeth!!! Addie’s first pearly whites popped through two weeks ago. I’ve been waiting to tell you until I could get a good picture, but I had no idea how long it takes for them to actually grow in! I’m so excited about this milestone, that I just can’t wait any longer. So, this is what you get…

If you blow it up really big and look very closely, you’ll see two spikey little teeth on the bottom. So cute!

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Our Little Swimmer

Well, “swimmer” might be a stretch, but we certainly do have a water baby! We found swim lessons where you can sign up for one class at a time, and they’re really inexpensive, so we decided to spend our last three Saturdays of the summer getting our little fish in the water. I think she’s a bit young to really learn anything, but we’re hoping that the little exposure she’s getting now will help next year when we attempt to bring her every Saturday from June through August. She was a little unsure about the first week, but she did much better last week with Daddy in the pool. She practices front and back floats and does a few kicks, though I think those are involuntary!

I threw a fit at swim lessons and didn’t end up learning until I was in third grade. Let’s hope Addie doesn’t take after her mommy in this department 🙂

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It’s amazing how time flies with an infant! I can’t believe Addie is eight months old already! We had another busy month filled with fun visits with friends and family. And once again, lots of Addie firsts, including sick days, new foods, and road trips. Let’s rewind a month and fill you in…

Addie is an amazingly good eater. One of her new favorites is blueberries and oatmeal. After a fun morning of piano playing and a full bowl of blueberries, we went about our day as usual, dropping Addie off at Linda’s before heading in to work.

Barely two hours into the morning, Linda calls to tell me that Addie has been sick all morning. We’ve been very fortunate to be blessed with a healthy baby; she’s hardly had a cold in her first 8 months. Jimmy rushed over to pick her up and I came home soon after to spend what I had anticipated to be a challenging afternoon with a sick baby.

Do you remember in high school when you’d fake sick just until your parents left for work, then you’d lounge on the couch and watch TV all day? I swear that’s what we had here. After a bottle full of Pedialyte (that’s what’s on her shirt, not vomit, in case you were wondering!), she was perfect. We took a few naps and snuggled on the couch for the afternoon. Gram says she’s too young to fake sick, but I just think she’s advanced for her age!

So, with what seemed to be a 3 hour bug behind us, we geared up for our next adventure…a visit from our dear friend Jocelyn and a weekend of fun with Addie’s favorite playmate, Priya! We enjoyed the beautiful weather outside at Tim and Seema’s while Priya and Addie read books – or chewed on the corners anyway.

The next morning, we met up for brunch and a little farmers’ market shopping.

The following weekend, Addie was invited to another birthday party for a friend from my work. As always, she studied all the big kids longing for the day she’s able to run around and play with them. I know she’s just archiving all these fun things to do and as soon as she’s mobile, we’re in big trouble!

This past weekend was the most exciting of all! My sister, Krista, had baby Oscar on July 16th, so since my mom is in town to watch Addie this week, we decided to take a little road trip to San Francisco to meet the new little Oscar! We spent Friday night visiting with Nana and Poppy in El Dorado Hills before continuing on our journey to SF.

This is the sweet little guy (in honor of shark week)…

Krista’s always on the go in SF, trying to keep all the kids entertained, so we did lots of walking, lots of eating, and spent an afternoon at the zoo.

Then we had some down time at Krista’s apartment where Addie was mesmerized by Ewan’s baseball skills and a bit confused by this Oscar situation. She hasn’t been around many babies younger than her, and she’s used to being the one crying, so she wasn’t too sure if she liked this situation.

She’s trying her hardest to crawl and is almost there. Last night, she was able to move forward instead of the usual backward thrust that has her frustrated to tears, but promptly face-planted. I have a feeling she’ll master it within the next week, but for now, my new favorite trait is that she’ll sit happily in a high chair at restaurants making eating out such a pleasant adventure for Mom & Dad!

After she finished her dinner, she threw her toys on the floor over and over (putting Gram to work retrieving them!), and couldn’t have been any happier. Overall, it was a great way to lead up to her eight-month milestone. A happy baby makes for a good trip!

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