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We’ve been so busy that we almost breezed right through Adelyn’s seven-month birthday without any acknowledgement that it existed at all. In all honesty, it was the first day in weeks that we were home with nothing to do. And really, I can’t even remember what we did other than play with new toys (compliments of Gram & Gramps) and roll around on the floor (Addie’s favorite passtime).

Addie’s sitter went on vacation a couple weeks back, so Gram & Gramps came to visit for a week to babysit while Jimmy & I worked during the day. I think she missed her friends at daycare, but she enjoyed Gram’s stories and songs quite a bit! We went on lots of outings, breakfast at Squeeze In, the farmer’s market, RC Willey where they have these funny little strollers…


She wasn’t too sure about it at first (I had my doubts, too), but once dad lapped the store a couple times, she was very content. And somehow managed to fall asleep sitting up!

She’s had a very exciting month filled with lots of new foods, snap peas, zucchini and sweet potatoes are turning out to be favorites. She’s sitting up on her own and her sitter even says she can stand on her own, just holding the handles of a baby stroller! Quite impressive!! I think we might have a walker on our hands sooner than we think! She’s starting to mimic us now, sticking her tongue out while Jimmy blows bubbles and chewing while we eat dinner. Such a fun little kid!

We’re patiently awaiting the arrival of Adelyn’s cousin Oscar so we can go on an adventure to San Francisco. Until then, we’ll be enjoying a few weeks at home soaking up the joys of our active little love bug!

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Summer Fun

My goodness, June was a busy month! We were on the go every weekend with birthday parties, baby showers, and quick trips to Vegas and El Dorado Hills. Addie and her pal Priya went big to celebrate some friends’ birthdays at a cute little wine bar, staying out until well past bedtime! The next morning, Addie went to her first baby shower for my grad school friend, Tammy. We can’t wait to meet Addie’s newest friend later this month!

Addie had her first airplane experience when we flew to Las Vegas to celebrate the Pepperman’s at their beautiful wedding. She was amazing at the church and got to spend the evening with Gram and Gramps while mom and dad had some baby-free time with friends.

The next weekend, we were off again to El Dorado Hills to celebrate Aunt Lisa’s 50th birthday and cousin Lindsey’s 21st. They went all out with a live band and a fire-dancing circus act.

In the midst of all the excitement, Addie finally started eating solid foods. I figured it was time when she yelled at me for not sharing my cookie one day! We started with oatmeal, which was a big hit from day one. Once she got used to eating from a spoon, we moved on to sweet potatoes.

We quickly moved on to pears, also a big hit! I was convinced that she’d love anything we gave her, but this past weekend, the avocado-banana mixture didn’t go over very well. This was literally the reaction she gave after every bite!

The next day, we tried bananas on their own, but still no luck. So, tonight we moved on to peas and in three days, we’ll give yellow squash a try. New foods sure do make life exciting! And it gives her something to do so mom and dad can eat dinner at the same time! We spent the 4th of July bbq-ing outside where Addie was free to get as messy as her little heart desired. It’s amazing what a child can do with one spoonful of sweet potato!!

Happy summer, everyone!

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