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Are you as shocked as I am that it’s already been six months? Well, technically six months and a week, but I can’t be on time for anything these days!! So, since I missed the 9th, I thought I’d wait until her doctor’s appointment today.

I am just realizing that in my lack of posting for the past few months, I haven’t told you much about my new job. I won’t get into it just yet, this post is about Adelyn, after all, but I will say that they are super kid-friendly and flexible. So, Addie spent the morning at my office with me, meeting new friends, watching a little Baby Einstein, a quick cat nap, then we were off to see Dr. Althoff.

She was pretty happy to be at the doctor’s office. As usual, there were plenty of toddlers there climbing around to entertain her. The lovely Nurse Julie came and took her stats, 27 inches, 16 pounds 4 ounces. Still 50th percentile for weight, 75th for head and 90th for height. She’s shaping up to be a tall, skinny kid! Thank goodness for those Gibson genes!

We learned many new things from Dr. Althoff today. The most interesting, Addie’s a little sponge and while she can’t talk yet, she’s taking note of everything going on around her. He said now is when she starts listening to what we tell her about herself, laying the foundation for her self esteem. I think now is when we can start shaping her future too…expect lots of talk about Addie becoming a brilliant doctor! Also, she’s paying attention to what we watch on TV – no more Real Housewives, Gram and Aunt Alyssa!! We don’t want to corrupt this sweet little face…

She had a great time crinkling the paper on the table while waiting for Julie to come back with the dreaded shots. But, once again, this wonder child surprises me…two shots and not a single tear. She let out one “why would you do that” squeal after the first shot, but then, totally fine. Such a good girl! And now, no shots for 6 months.

So, another fun day with Addie in the books and lots of fun adventures coming up in the next few weeks – her first time on an airplane, another wedding, a 50th birthday bash, a full week with Gram and Gramps. This summer is sure to be exciting with this little love bug!

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Just when I started to doubt she’d ever roll onto her tummy, Adelyn proves me wrong!

She spent a lot of time this past weekend lounging on her blanket playing with toys, and just took a little encouraging to roll from back to tummy. But, as you may have noticed, she sure didn’t spend much time there! She only did it three or four times. I think she wore herself out and isn’t convinced that it’s a good use of her energy yet. I’m still doubting she’ll be a crawler any time soon, which is quite alright with me. We’ll just enjoy the half-rolls and helicopter spins for now!

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