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I think it goes without saying that we’ve had a very busy month! So much to catch you up on. Addie’s first wedding in Bakersfield, first swim, rolling over, full-time daycare. I have a million pictures that I’d love to share, but they’re on Jimmy’s laptop and haven’t made it to our home computer yet, so until then, enjoy these videos of a couple of Adelyn’s big moments…

Her first pool encounter was at the Four Points hotel in Bakersfield. We were in town for my cousin’s wedding. Such a fun trip and Addie had a great time visiting with family all weekend.

We’ve been working on rolling over for a while now, but since Addie is not a fan of tummy time, I was convinced that she would skip rolling over all together. But after lots of tummy time at the sitter’s she decided it’d be in her best interest to learn to get off her tummy as quickly as possible. Now she’s a pro, rolling in a matter of seconds every time. This doesn’t look too good for crawling potential…she shows no sign of rolling from back to tummy!

There’s so much more from the last month to share. When I get all my pictures uploaded and organized, I’ll post more. Thanks for sticking around through the lull 🙂

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