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A Furry Intruder

Without question, I am a huge animal lover, the kind of person who stops in the middle of the street for a stray dog, who wants to ride the elephants and pet the zebras at the zoo. However, I draw the line at critters in my house. Domestic animals, no problem. Little furry creatures that scurry way to fast across my dining room floor…that’s a different story.

Last night, just before bed, Jimmy let the dogs outside as usual. Somehow, while he was in the laundry room, the back door opened and the dogs wound up inside. I was searching for Cooper in a panic because anyone who’s had the pleasure of house sitting for us knows he’ll jump at any chance to get outside. Much to my surprise, he’s under the dining room table with Lola.

Then I heard it. A faint little squeaking noise. I was sure a bird had flown in – judging by the spatters on our deck, we have quite a few nesting in our trees. And since there wasn’t anything chaotically flying around my house, my first instinct was that the cats had gotten the best of it and we would soon have a bird carcass on our hands.

That thought was disturbing in itself, but I think I would have preferred that to what came next.

I bravely called Jimmy up from the laundry room and hid while he scoped out the scene. When he called out, “it’s a mouse”, I went into full panic mode! I don’t like mice. It’s in my genes. I remember stories of my mom standing on a picnic table with a shovel trying to crush them at our first house. A friend of mine growing up had pet mice. I didn’t like them then, and especially don’t like them invading my house!

I hustled the dogs into our bedroom, the last thing we needed was Jett chasing a mouse. Jimmy spent a good 45 minutes trying to corral it into a box or scoot it out the door, but Cooper had other ideas. It was the best toy he’s ever had and he wasn’t about to let it get away.

After a few laps around the table, the mouse flew into a tiny hole in this built-in entertainment unit. My initial fear was that it’d end up in our bed at some point during the night or we’d end up losing it forever putting me on constant mouse alert. After Jimmy reassured me that our attack cats wouldn’t let it out of their sight, my next fear was that it’d never come out and end up dying in there. We’d soon be smelling dead mouse throughout the house.

After a lot of whining, a few tears and a stiff drink (just kidding – about the drink, not the tears!!) I finally gave up and went to bed. Cooper and Lola posted up all night. Every time I got up to check on Addie, there were both cats, patiently waiting for their new friend to come out and play. After a long night of nightmares of mice crawling on my bed or in Addie’s crib – I woke up to find both cats crouched in the corner. The mouse was in motion!

Jimmy bolted out of bed (while I hid in Addie’s room!!) on a mission to get this little critter out of our house. He finally caught it and set him free, giving Cooper a taste of the outdoors at the same time. And after catching Cooper, our mouse saga was finally over!

Thank goodness we have such fierce cats (who did nothing but bat the poor little guy around a bit while they had the chance) and a sunken dining room that served as a giant pen. And thank goodness it was a cute little field mouse and not some nasty looking rodent or I would have insisted on going to a hotel – don’t think I didn’t float the idea anyway!

I think it goes without saying that Jimmy had a call in to an exterminator this morning. I don’t want to kill any cute little mice, but seriously, a mouse in the house is just not for me! I love living in such a woodsy setting, but please, please little creatures, stay outside!!

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Yesterday was a big day for little Addie…she was baptized at our fabulous church, St. Luke’s. While a snow storm over the pass cause a few of our anticipated attendees to stay home, we had a full house of friends and family to celebrate this exciting occasion in her life.

My mom and Vic flew up Thursday night and Krista and her crew made it in Saturday, after a 9 hour drive from San Francisco!! They’re such troopers, braving snow, chains and all to get here!

Addie was a bit off Friday and Saturday, but Sunday, she was amazing! She woke up smiling, made it all the way to her baptism without a peep and gave one quick little squeal when our Pastor put the holy water on her head. After her part was over, she fell asleep for the rest of service. Such a good girl!

We had a lovely brunch at our house afterwards. Adelyn has amazing friends and family who helped it all come together. Good food and great company made for a day to remember always.

We’re so blessed to have this wonderful child in our lives and an outpouring of love from friends and family to celebrate her milestones with us! We’re thankful for everyone who came to share this day and for all of those who’s thoughts were with us for her baptism! ¬†Love, love, love you all!!!

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Yesterday was Adelyn’s 3-month birthday and this is the only picture I could get…

Seriously! After¬†spending the day playing on her activity mat, a bit of tummy time, working on the computer with Mom, and watching a little TV (Mom’s already corrupting her with Bethenny Ever After!), she was beat! Poor little girl!

She had a big month – her first shots; first Valentine’s Day – and first Valentine from a boy, I should add; adapted to scheduled eating; started daycare twice a week; talked and giggled constantly; woke up nearly every morning with a huge smile; spent lots of time in her crib amazed by the birds flying over her head and is beginning to hold onto her toys and introduce them to her mouth!

She’s more fun with each day and now that she’s holding her head up better, we can only imagine what the next month will bring! Happy birthday, darling baby!!

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What could be better than spending a day with a happy baby? How about spending a day with two happy babies!!!

Yesterday we were fortunate enough to visit with precious little Priya and her lovely mom! Addie has become quite a talker, but my goodness, Priya is non-stop. Already, Addie couldn’t get a word in! It was quite entertaining to watch them interact. They played on the activity mat together for a bit then sprawled out next to each other kicking and linking arms. Such cute girls!!

What an exciting glimpse into the future friendship of these two little ones! Can’t wait for more playdates!

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