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So long, Sparks…

I imagine you’re wondering why I’m posting this now. Didn’t we move over a month ago? The short answer is, yes. However, moving has turned into a looonnnngggg process!

We turned in our keys yesterday and are officially no longer Sparks residents! We said farewell to our swanky little apartment that was so very kind to us for 18 months. And was Addie’s first home, too!

Once my parents closed on the new house, we had to give 60 days notice at our apartment. At first, we thought it was crazy. We could never take 60 days to move. Little did we know, moving and cleaning with a newborn is insanely difficult!

First, we had to wait for Alyssa to come back up from winter break so we had a sitter. Then we had to find a free weekend (without snow) to clean and finish moving. And, since Vic’s┬átruck took the long journey back to Vegas a few weeks ago, it took many car trips to get the rest of the bins out of the garage.

This is the longest it has ever taken me to move and unpack, but after a very productive day yesterday (thanks, Jimmy for painting the laundry room the day before!), I’m feeling much better about our new living arrangement! The apartment is clean, all our stuff is moved out, we have a shoe wardrobe again all nice and organized in the laundry room and Jimmy can finally fit his car in the garage – well, after Trisha and Ed close on their house today and move the bug. All in all, a very drawn out but successful move!

Now, a word to the grandparents, come visit this baby! The house is ready for you and Adelyn is so much fun!!

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Our sweet baby Adelyn is two months old as of Wednesday! It’s been a huge month of memories and milestones. We moved into a new house, she got a fabulous new room, she started smiling and cooing…such exciting things going on here! It’s hard to believe that so much has happened in the last month. She’s like a completely different child from Christmas to now.

Today was her two month doctor’s appointment. While the shots didn’t go over so well, it was a great chance to get all our questions answered and find out how quickly this little one is growing. Four inches and 4 1/2 pounds already! She’s in the 97th percentile for height, takes after her daddy – 24 1/4 inches and 11 pounds!

We can’t wait to see what changes are in store for month 3!

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Cooking Therapy

For me, cooking is like retail therapy without the lingering feeling of buyer’s remorse. I spent many grad school days in the kitchen baking cakes, experimenting with new recipes and making huge messes to get me through projects. While at the Palms, I had an amazing co-worker, the author of cb&j blog, who I’d share all my kitchen success stories (and failures!) with. She’s also the driving force behind my vegetarian life shift…which after watching Oprah Vegan for a Week, might just come back in full force very soon – more on that later!

So, with this love for being in the kitchen, it’s hard to believe that I’ve spent the last two months on the couch ordering take out! I’ve been longing for home cooked meals, fresh veggies, anything that isn’t deep-fried. Last week, I made the commitment – new recipes, cooking at home for the whole week, and it was so worth it! Yes, Adelyn accompanied me in the kitchen strapped in the Baby Bjorn for a few prep sessions until Jimmy came home from work. We’re starting her young!

If any of you are neglecting your kitchens these days, give a few of these recipes a try. They’re all delicious!

Vegan Chili

Shrimp Tostadas

Red Pepper Penne

BBQ Chicken Salad (toss this with romaine for a yummy dinner sized portion, and substitute mayo for ranch dressing, of course!)

Panang Curry (served over brown rice)

Twice Baked Potatoes

Oatmeal Cookies

We have a ton going on this week, board meetings and work (did I mention I started back last week?) so this week is semi-homemade from Trader Joes -artichoke raviolis, orange chicken, stir fry, pizza. Nothing too fancy, but we need to be broken of the fast food cycle once and for all! These last 10 pounds have been hanging around for far too long!!

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