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Adelyn’s second road trip – El Dorado Hills. We hit the road Saturday morning to visit Jim and Mama G and meet more of Jimmy’s side of the family. Adelyn met her Nana and Poppy last weekend, as they were kind enough to pug-sit while we were in Vegas, but this weekend she got to meet Grandpa Larry and Grandma Lori and the James Gang too. What a lucky little girl!

Unfortunately she was a bit cranky for Sabrina’s going away/graduation party so she didn’t get to entertain like she usually does, but she did get some quality time dancing with Nana.

We were a bit reluctant to take her on yet another trip before her first shots but Sabrina is leaving for South Korea and Thailand in just a few weeks. If all goes as hoped, she’ll be there for the next year teaching English and enjoying the adventures she’s sure to have in these exciting places. We couldn’t imagine letting her leave without meeting Adelyn. A year from now, she’ll be a completely different person (both Adelyn and Sabrina!!).

Jimmy and I can’t wait to hear all about Sabrina’s adventures abroad. We will miss her on our frequent visits over the hill but we know this will be such an amazing experience! Good luck, Bina!

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Saturday was Grom’s memorial service. Not wanting to take a 6-week-old on an airplane, Jimmy and I decided to make the 7-hour drive to Vegas with Adelyn. We were fortunate enough to have Alyssa help us on the way down – she’s such a kind auntie!! Adelyn was amazing the entire trip. Hardly any fussing on the road, slept most of the way and so good all day Saturday!

The service was a perfect reminder of how fortunate I was to have so many years with such a kind and caring grandmother. Though I miss her dearly already, I’m so lucky that I got to spend so much time with her growing up. She was an amazingly strong woman and a great influence in my life.

I’m sad that Adelyn won’t get to meet her but she did get to meet most of the rest of the family…aunts, uncles, cousins, dear friends, even more dogs that she’s sure to torment when she’s older.

Here are some highlights from her first trip…

quality time with Gram, Gramps and Auntie Krista and Alyssa

meeting the amazing Wendy and Marilyn

snuggling on the couch with Gramps

bonding with her cousin who will be making his or her debut in July

lounging with the Martin kids

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Jimmy, Adelyn and I have a new place to call home! Though we loved our super-cute apartment in Kiley Ranch, we’re very happy to be in Reno with tall trees and mountain surroundings. The dogs are excited to have a yard again, Adelyn has an amazing room (thanks Gramps!), and Jimmy’s less than 10 minutes from his office. Over all, we’re pretty pleased with our new surroundings!

Trying to pack and move with a 5-week-old is quite a challenge! With the number of times we’ve moved in the last 10 years, I’ve gotten this moving and unpacking thing down to a matter of days but I have a feeling it’s going to take a while to get settled in here.

Fortunately Adelyn’s room was top priority. She’s been sleeping in our room in the pack & play, but last night, she spent her first night alone in her very own room! She did great, as I expected, but I did surprisingly well too! I actually slept instead of staring at the monitor all night!! This is the first time her bed has been complete and I must say, it’s pretty darn cute…

Once the rest of the house is presentable, I’ll post more pictures, but for now, I should get to unpacking while I can. Sleeping baby has been a rare occassion the last couple of days!

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We have a ridiculous number of birthdays in December and January! Today is the first day of Jimmy’s 32nd year. He was lucky enough to spend some quality time with Adelyn while I had a board retreat. I think they had great father-daughter time…

I have a feeling this year will be Jimmy’s most exciting yet!! Happy birthday to a wonderful husband and new daddy!

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Can you believe Adelyn is a month old today?? And what an amazing month it has been.

Addie experienced her first holiday, met lots of new friends and family and spent many chilly days cuddling on the couch with Jimmy and me. It’s amazing how much she’s grown and changed since our first days home. She’s gained at least two pounds and is already outgrowing her newborn clothes.

Jimmy and I are loving every minute of being parents and so excited for all the changes to come in the next few months! Happy one-month birthday little angel!

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Adelyn had a big day today…her first party. Miss Olivia Holt turned one yesterday and we were lucky enough to celebrate this milestone with her today at a super-cute owl themed party.

We had quite a challenging week, I think we must have hit a growth spurt, because Adelyn has been running on little sleep and eating nearly every hour since Tuesday, but she was exceptionally happy and fuss-free all day for Olivia’s big event. She met many new friends and even had a pretty good stretch of being awake to enjoy their company! I think Adelyn longs for the day when she can run around with the big kids playing at these parties. Just watching wore her out – she’s been snoozing since we got home! It’s so nice to live in a place where there are so many great people for her to grow up with.

Happy birthday, precious Olivia. We had a great time celebrating you!!

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