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What a perfect rainy day for a lovely shower with Reno friends! Krista planned a fantastic shower today at the Chocolate Bar with super fun games, incredibly cute decor and of course, delicious chocolate. I’m so grateful for the amazing people in my life who are making this whole experience so fun and exciting. I’m anxiously anticipating the day she gets here to meet all the wonderful people who have already showered her with so much love!

We had an exciting week leading up to this great weekend as well. Jimmy spent 4 days in Vegas training for his new job and we got to see Baby G Friday at our perinatal appointment. Unfortunately, she decided to cover her face with her arms the whole time, so no new 3D pics to share, but we did get confirmation that her feet are planted firmly in my ribs! So far, happy and healthy at 32 weeks.

We’re heading to LA on Wednesday for my friend Gina’s wedding then have a big November lined up…quality time with the Gibsons and Smiths, meeting with a photographer to line up sessions to capture this little one’s first milestones, meeting our pediatrician, hopefully defending my final project, one more ultrasound and then Thanksgiving. We’re hoping she doesn’t decide to come early so we can take advantage of black Friday sales for any last minute things we need.

I can’t believe we’re only 8 weeks away! November is going to fly by and then it will finally be time to see her pretty face! We can’t wait to share her with all of you. Our guest room is super cozy, so feel free to start planning your trip to Reno now!! Love you all!

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Showering Seema

Today I had the pleasure of celebrating the baby-to-be, Priya Regina Rose Donahoe and her lovely mother, Seema! It was the perfect day for a shower at the cottage filled with great friends and tons of gifts for mama and baby.

I’m sure I’ve mentioned this on here before, but Seema is due just two weeks before me, which means only 7 weeks from now!! I can’t believe how fast this is all going. She’s the most adorable thing ever and I’m so glad she had such a nice shower today. She and Priya deserve all the best!!

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Happy Birthday, Alyssa!

It’s official…Alyssa is finally an adult! Today is her 18th birthday, which really only means she can vote and buy tobacco, neither of which are important to her, but still, how exciting!


Tonight her bff from Vegas came to visit and she’s headed to a fraternity dance. She’s quite the busy girl since coming to college. I have a feeling this will be her best year yet!

Happy Birthday, little sister!!!

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Homecoming 2010

We had quite the busy Saturday filled with Homecoming festivities. Jimmy is helping start a Greek Alumni Chapter, so our afternoon started at the Wolf’s Den for a fun event filled with Awful Awfuls and beer pong.

We had the perfect seats to watch the parade too, which I never attended when I was in college. I guess it usually starts at 9am, and really, what undergrad is up that early? Since the game was televised on ESPN this year, the parade was pushed back to 3:30, which was really nice for Alyssa who walked in the parade with Pi Phi…did I mention that she’s pledging this semester? So fun for her!! Here’s a picture of their float along with the band who started the parade…

After the Greek event, we headed to the “Big Deal” tailgater to catch up with friends and laugh at all the ridiculous people who were out in full force to cheer on the Pack!! We finally made it to the game, but never ended up sitting…though somehow we managed to stay until half time!

We headed to the Wal to finally sit down after nearly 5 hours of standing! I was completely exhausted by that point, but it was well worth it. Another Pack win and a successful Homecoming in the books. Just another reason to love Reno!!

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Nursery in the Making

A couple weeks ago, we received a giant package from UPS. My Aunt Trisha and Uncle Ed bought baby g a changing table!! So, it goes without saying that I’ve been bugging Jimmy every day for two weeks to take it out of the box! He had a valid argument against it…we had yet to move the guest room out of the nursery. So while I was in Vegas, he and our amazing friend Justin moved all the furniture around so this baby could have a proper nursery. Just in time too, my mom and Vic bought us a crib that was delivered last week!

Yesterday, Jimmy finally gave in and decided we could start putting it all together! The fact that he got a fabulous job offer just before probably helped a bit too!! So here they are, a beautiful new crib and changing table ready to go.

We still have a ton to do, lots of stuff to buy and loads of laundry to take care of before she arrives in just two months but we’re feeling a little more prepared already for her arrival! Now, what color to paint her room? We have a trip to Lowes planned for Sunday. So excited for this little one now that it’s all coming together! Thanks for all the gifts and love!!

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Weekend of Showers

What a fun weekend! I spent some quality time with my favorite people in Las Vegas for a couple celebrations for this little growing baby! It was also the UNR v. UNLV game in Vegas so it was super busy but such a good time with friends and family.

We started Saturday where my sister, Krista, and friend, Wendy, planned a wonderful shower at Marche Bacchus. Every Saturday, they have free wine tasting, so we started there (I had a few non-wine-drinking friends to keep me company) and then had a delicious lunch accompanied by hilarious games and lots of entertaining conversation. It was the perfect location, right on a lake, and perfectly quaint to be able to visit with each and every person.


After the friend shower, I watched UNR crush the Rebels at the newly opened Scooter’s Pub with more friends. I wasn’t about to go to the game and deal with drunk UNLV fans and fights. Alyssa braved it though and rushed the field when we won! Such a fired-up freshman!!

Sunday, Krista and my mom threw a beautiful family shower brunch with super cute decorations, fabulous food and the most amazing Nothing Bundt Cake for dessert.

I have the best family and friends ever who showered this baby with wonderful gifts and lots of love! Thanks to all who joined in the fun. I’m so excited for Baby G to meet everyone in just a couple months!

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