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4 Weeks of Updates

I really thought I’d be more on top of things this semester, but considering the fact that it’s been 4 weeks since my last post, it seems I’m severely delusional! The last 4 weeks have been crazy busy, packed with lots of fun stuff and lots of trips to EDH! Let’s go back to Labor Day weekend…

We were blessed with a visit from Ewan while Krista traveled to Paris for work. We spent Labor Day weekend in El Dorado Hills playing at the park, getting dirty in Nana and Poppy’s backyard, eating everything imaginable ten times a day.

Monday, Grandma came to Reno to spend the week with Ewan. More park dates, lots of games with Aunt Alyssa and a trip to Scheels to ride the ferris wheel.

Saturday, we went to the balloon races, which Ewan loved, then got really bored with since it was 5am and all.

Then it was back to EDH so Krista and Ewan could be reunited and Jimmy and I could spend some time with family, some I had the pleasure of meeting for the first time!

The next weekend, his parents came over the hill for a quick trip to see watch UNR smoke Cal!

And then Jett’s birthday (which sadly we forgot until the following day) and one more trip to EDH for manual labor for Jimmy (and a fancy birthday song and carrots for Jett…he loves his Nana!!!) which brings us here…28 weeks!

And, the good news, while Jimmy did yard work, I wrote most of my final paper so hopefully I can get it approved and set up my oral defense sometime this month. Which means more time for blogging and decorating a nursery for this rapidly growing little girl.

Thanks for sticking with me. We have a full October, Homecoming, showers, a wedding, so stay tuned for more updates and fun new pics!

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Rib Cook-Off

Yes, that’s right…ribs. I know what you’re thinking. What happened to the healthy vegetarian lifestyle we’ve been used to living for over 2 years? Well, baby g has decided that she’s a big fan of meat! And with the hopes of returning to my vegetarian ways post pregnancy, I figure I should take advantage of this annual rib cook-off while I have the chance. Yet another Reno event we had never attended before tonight, so I’m glad we had the opportunity (and meat cravings) to go this year.

This was certainly a new experience. A street full of rib vendors. You could smell the bbq sauce from the freeway! Each tent had a massive display of banners and trophies from past years. These people are serious about their meat!

Jimmy and I enjoyed a basket of ribs, a tri-tip sandwich, fresh squeezed lemonade and a chocolate dipped cheesecake. Yum!!! Baby G started dancing earlier than usual tonight, so I think she approved!

There was a couple booths of fried veggies, so maybe we can attend again next year. Jimmy can get his fix for beef and I can have fried zucchini and roasted corn! And that caramel, reeses pieces covered apple I nearly bought today! I’ve got to save something for next year.

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