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I started back to school last week. I’m not as excited about it after taking three months off but I’m sure it will grow on me soon. Maybe it’s because I have crazy busy weekends from now until November. It’s a bit overwhelming! But I suppose it is nice to be back with my class working on environmental topics again. Very interesting and inspiring! I’m hoping to not fall into the black hole that was spring semester and not blog for weeks at a time. I certainly have lots of exciting adventures coming up so even if I don’t have time to write, I’ll at least post some fun pics for you to enjoy. For now, I leave you with the much anticipated 24-week baby bump. It’s starting to look a lot like baby and less like too much ice cream all summer.

Now, I’ve procrastinated long enough and I have to get back to homework. Hope you all have a super week!

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Marlie is 8 years old today! Seems like just yesterday she was curling up on our shoulders to nap – well, she still does that on occasion but now she’s 15 pounds heavier! Another birthday means more homemade treats for the pugs.

I made two giant bones for today and a bunch of smaller ones for the rest of the week. I have a feeling Marlie’s won’t stay down for long, but boy did she enjoy it!

Happy birthday to our first little girl!

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Moving Day

Today is the day!! Alyssa is in Reno and unpacking her things as I type. Funny that I don’t remember White Pine being as small as it is but regardless, it’s her very own dorm room for the next 9 months. I know that once she’s settled, she’ll have such a fun and exciting year. How could these girls not have a blast…

I’m still not entirely sure why their names are on a baby bottle and diaper…

These are much cuter than the second floor names though, so I won’t complain! Once the girls have the room set up, I’ll post some stylish dorm room pics of where Alyssa will be spending her first year in college. So exciting!!!

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22 weeks down, 18 to go!

Tonight I officially became a pregnancy cliché! My post-dinner snacks included ice cream, pickles and mashed potatoes. Seriously. I thought I was doing great so far, 22 weeks in and no morning sickness, no swollen hands or feet, and just one major break-down (I owe a huge thanks to my wonderful sister for making everything better and not laughing at my insanity!). Now that I’ve given in to the pickles and ice cream, are the other symptoms soon to follow? With only 18 weeks to go, and school starting up again a week from Tuesday, I’m a bit nervous to see what’s next.

But, exciting news this week, Jimmy and I had front row seats to baby girl’s first dance party. I thought I felt her a few times in recent weeks, but Thursday night, there was no question. She was wide awake and having a great time. I think she was inspired by the So You Think You Can Dance finale. It felt like somersaults in my stomach! So, dancer or gymnast, not sure which, but she’s definitely in training already. She did a few little spins around the same time last night. We’ll see in about a half hour if this will be her new routine.      

In more baby news, we spent about three days figuring out our baby registry this week. Did you know that you can buy every product ever made through Amazon.com?  Furniture, cleaning products, cloth diapers, anything and everything you could possibly need. I think I’ve found my new favorite website! Shopping online got me so excited to start this girl’s nursery. We’ve managed to hold out on buying anything baby so far, but I’m not sure how much longer that will last! After this week, we can rearrange our apartment and start picking paint colors for her room!! 

Oh, and back to the cloth diapers, we went to a class hosted by the wonderful Morgan of EcoReno. I’ve been planning to go the cloth route for a while but after talking to Morgan, I’m completely on board. So many options and it really doesn’t sound like much more effort than disposables. And they’re much cuter! The no-waste factor and the fact that there aren’t any harsh chemicals like disposables just seals the deal. My beautiful friend Seema – due just 2 weeks before me with a baby girl – is going with cloth too, so I’m excited to have a friend to turn to for support! Mama G surprised us with a pack of Seventh Generation disposables just in case we need another option (she also bought baby girl a pack of the most adorable onesies!).  

It’s finally sinking in that in just 4 months, we’ll get to meet our precious little girl. We’re expecting that time will just fly and we won’t be anywhere near prepared when she does arrive, but what an exciting time it will be. Jimmy and I feel so blessed to have the best friends and family with us on this journey!

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Hiking at Mt. Rose

Last weekend, Jimmy & I set out for a beautiful hike at Mt. Rose. The weather was perfect, a few degrees cooler than Reno. It was nice to be able to get out of the house and enjoy the lovely scenes this place has to offer. And I think baby girl really enjoyed herself too. We can’t wait to take her next Spring when Jimmy can carry her instead!!

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It’s A Girl!!

What an exciting day! We found out that we’re having a little Christmas princess!! It was such a nice treat to have grandma in town for the big reveal. Good thing too…I wasn’t sure I wanted to know, but two against one wins out. Due date is holding at December 17th. Hopefully she’s punctual or we may be spending our holidays in a cozy labor and delivery room!

Now, what to name this little darling?? We had some good boy options, but struggling now. Suggestions are welcome (as long as they’re not from Richard-Grizzelda is just wrong!!).

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