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Halfway There!!

Can you believe it, Baby G in the making is 20 weeks today! Baby Center says he or she is about 10.5 ounces and the length of a banana. There’s definitely been some growth since the last belly pic.

But I think it just looks like I’ve been over-eating all summer, not so much a “baby bump” yet. Jimmy says the picture is me sucking in, though I don’t think that’s possible! Baby Center also says expect to gain about a pound a week from here on. Yikes!!! I’m not feeling good about this bridesmaid at 33 weeks situation. I hope Gina’s bouquets are big enough to hide my enormous tummy!

We’re heading to El Dorado Hills this afternoon to celebrate the summer birthdays in the Gibson fam. The pugs are nice and clean from their day at the spa and ready to get dirty in Nana & Poppy’s backyard. So, blog posts to look forward to next week…more pug pics and the big reveal – our 20 week ultrasound is Tuesday!! Can’t wait for new pics of the babe and hopefully know if we’re shopping for pink or blue (as long as I don’t change my mind again and decide not to find out…we’ll see!).

Have a lovely weekend!

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Scenes From Reno

Why do all the fun things have to be outdoors? I suppose it’s fine at any time of the year other than July! This weekend was ridiculously warm, but that didn’t stop Jimmy & me from enjoying the beautiful scenes of this little city…

Lavender Ridge – Annual Purple Summer Festival

West Street Farmers’ Market

One of the many pianos around town for Artown

New Wind Turbines on top of the Downtown Parking Garage

Just a few little things that make living in Reno so much fun!!

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Baby Fever

Today was my friend Virginia’s baby shower in Tahoe. She just finished her second year of residency in Omaha (seriously…med school and a baby on the way, this girl is amazing!!!). It’s such a pleasure spending time with her.  We had a fabulous lunch at Riva Grill, with beautiful views of the lake and very creative decor…

Nearly everyone in attendance had either a baby or one on the way. It was such fun seeing all these little ones! Makes me so excited for ours too, and just think how many friends baby G will have to play with!

And an added bonus, the always adorable Sterling and her awesome mamma, Kimm had a little slumbie with us last night. Jett is fascinated with Sterling; he followed her everywhere and whined when her door was shut. He’s quite the jealous boy though. I think we’re in trouble come December! Though it was a late flight and Sterling was pretty sleepy, she still amazed us with how good and polite she is (good job, Kimm!).


And to end this post full of babies, here’s the next update…the 16 week belly pic. There’s definitely a change since the last though it’s not looking like a baby bump quite yet.

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A year ago today, we were driving through the desert to unpack a u-haul at our new home! I can hardly believe it! Now 24 grad credits and a fetus later, here we are. And we’ve loved every second of it – though yes, I do miss my family and friends back in Vegas. If we haven’t actively tried to recruit you to move up here yet, don’t worry, we will. We’re excited to see what the next year will bring, a new baby, hopefully new job opportunities (this master’s degree has to pay off!) and family moving up here (thanks, Alyssa!). We’re so blessed to have the support of our wonderful friends and family who share our adventures with us through this little blog. We love you tons and wouldn’t be where we are today without you all!

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