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Soccer in Tahoe

It’s a little on the hot side here in Reno this weekend, but yesterday was absolutely beautiful in Tahoe! We had the pleasure of spending a little time with Richard & Sharon at RJ’s soccer tournament. We were only able to catch half of the first game, but then we watched the US lose to Ghana in the World Cup. Aside from that unfortunate outcome, it was a fun day! Here are a few pics of the action…

And of course, I can’t go to Tahoe without snapping a quick photo of the beautiful scenery. This is on the way home from Dot & Al’s cabin right at the base of Heavenly. Their cabin has gorgeous lake views, but I didn’t think of taking my camera out until we were driving away. Next time, I’ll be a more diligent photog!

More Tahoe fun to come next weekend for my friend’s baby shower! I can’t get enough of this place!!

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Is it December yet?

Jimmy made this “facebook official” this morning, so I should probably post here too…we’re pregnant!!!! Due in December, sometime around the 17th, maybe 20th. We’ve been given three different dates so far!

Everything has been going well, no morning sickness, just a bit tired. Thank goodness I’ve trained Jimmy to be such a culinary master – he’s been assigned to cooking dinners for the last couple months. And, honestly, all I’ve been doing is eating, so it works out well!

Baby-in-the-making seems to be quite content so far. We’ve taken a few trips to visit both sides of the family already. We’ve had a couple doctor’s appointments, fast little heartbeat of 160, which I think means girl, but Jimmy and Mama G think the 3D ultrasound pic looks like Jimmy, so must be a boy.

I think life with pugs and baby may be a bit challenging. I imagine he or she is quite fed up with sharing personal space with them already, since there’s always one on my lap. I wonder if baby will be able to kick them in a few weeks?

Well, that’s the big, exciting news at the moment. Here’s some belly pics to please my mom. I don’t see any difference from 8 weeks to 12, but we’ll take another in a couple weeks at 16. Judging by the fact that I can’t fit into my pants anymore, I think maybe I’ll have a little baby bump to show then!

8 weeks

12 weeks

We’d like to thank our very supportive family and friends and look forward to sharing our experiences with you all! Love you!!

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RJ’s Grad Party

We just got back from another fabulous weekend in El Dorado Hills. Jimmy and I even got a little vacation from the pugs since our usual room was occupied. The pugs, however, enjoyed a parent-free weekend with the grandparents where Marlie took full advantage by eating (and then throwing up) all the berries in her reach off Nana & Poppy’s bush!

The purpose of the trip was to celebrate RJ’s graduation from high school. The ceremony was a few weeks back but RJ left for a cruise the next day, so the party was postponed until now. Lucky for us, the weather was just perfect for an outdoor gathering for the new college student. He was even so kind to give up his bed so Jimmy and I had a comfy place to sleep at the James residence. We had a wonderful visit, quality time with the parents, Rosie & Ernie, and the entire James gang.

Next weekend, RJ has a soccer tourney in Tahoe! We’re looking forward to even more fun with the James’ and a beautiful visit to Tahoe. We haven’t taken advantage of being so close the the lake nearly enough since we’ve been back in Reno. So, next weekend, look forward to more fun pics, soccer games, amazing scenery…maybe I’ll post something fun between now and then!! Stay tuned…

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I’ve been slacking on posting this week, but here it is – Alyssa’s officially a high school graduate!

We had such a fun weekend in Vegas celebrating her amazing accomplishments. Jimmy and I drove down with the pugs last Thursday. Jimmy had to work Friday so I got to spend some time with the graduate before the big event. Friday night, we headed over to Canyon Ridge for a very touching and entertaining graduation ceremony packed with our amazing friends and family.

Though it was hotter than the surface of the sun in Vegas last weekend, we still managed to get out and spend time with some of our lovely friends. We caught up with Anne & Ted, who we haven’t seen since their wedding last year, and finally got to meet their darling son Holden. We spent a little time with Ryan & Rachel and met their adorable baby Colton, just 6 month old now. He’s the most precious little thing ever!! And we played and swam with this little pumpkin…

Sterling’s always such a joy…her mom’s pretty fun to hang out with too 🙂 That pose above is her “cute face”!

And then there’s this little man…

Ewan had a blast with his Uncle Jimmy. Good thing I’m always there to take pictures!!

After all our visits with family and friends, it was time for Alyssa and friends graduation party. The high was 109 on Sunday and the party was outside. Needless to say, Megan was not a happy camper sitting in the heat for hours, but aside from that, the party was a success. Margarita machine, smoothies, catered dinner, shuffle board, swimming. All 100+ people were happily occupied until late into the night.

We packed the pugs back in the car and headed home Monday, thoroughly exhausted but very happy we were there to celebrate Alyssa! Now she’s a college student and will be joining us in Reno in August. I’m sure she hopes this summer goes by slowly, but I can’t wait for her to move up here and start the next chapter of her fabulous life!

Congrats little sister! I love you and am so proud of you!!

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Last weekend, Jimmy & I took the pugs to their favorite place in the world…Nana & Poppy G’s backyard! I think they must have known where we were headed because they were exceptionally well behaved on the ride over. As usual, Marlie & Jett spent hours marking every square inch of the yard.

We had a lovely visit, great food, engaging conversations, James’ Gang entertainment. The plump little puggies got way too much exercise on a long walk to the park prompting Jett to stop on our way home to cool his belly in the grass…

And poor Marlie stayed in this position for a good hour after we got home…

The pugs are already excited for our next visit later this month when we’ll celebrate RJ’s graduation!!!

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