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Today is my dear friend Seema’s 30th birthday!! Lesley, Kara and Tim planned a fantastic party last night to celebrate in Virginia City.

We started at Seema & Tim’s where we loaded the shuttle and headed up the winding hill to Virginia City. Though I lived here for four years, I’d never been, so I was quite excited for this little adventure! Our first stop, the Bucket of Blood Saloon. Interesting little place. Apparently they have their own brand of beer. Jimmy was pretty upset that they replaced the old coin slots with updated versions. Even VC is up with technology!!

Next we headed to Gold Hill Hotel & Saloon for a fabulous dinner. This hotel is believed to be one of the most haunted places in VC. I didn’t see anything strange, but if you want to read some stories, click here. We finished dinner with some amazing cupcakes, compliments of Lesley.

We headed to the Old Washoe Club where the bar owner also owns the old time photo shop next door. An old time photo was at the top of Seema’s VC birthday wish list, so we headed over and dressed up for a classic saloon photo, guns, boots, feathers and all. When I get the scanned photo, I’ll be sure to post it for you. Until then, click here to read about more hauntings at the Old Washoe Club and Millionaires Club. 

Today, Jimmy & I are heading to EDH for the rest of our 3-day weekend. Happy Memoral Day and Happy Birthday to my beautiful friend!!

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My poor blog, how I’ve neglected you this semester! Not that I haven’t been doing fabulous things, I just haven’t had the time to fill you in! Trying to write three blogs and taking four grad level classes is not a good idea. So, now that my semester is officially over, let’s get you caught up on our fun visitors and vacations…

Have I told you that my little sister is graduating from high school in just a couple weeks? It’s crazy, I know, and if she’s graduating, I must be super old, that I also know. She and her friend Allegra are coming to UNR next year!!! They came up a few weeks ago to try out for the dance team, but just before try-outs, the dance team was cut from the school. Lovely budget woes! But the girls came up anyway. Won’t they be the cutest freshmen on campus next year?

The next day was Earth Day. The super non-profit for which I volunteer (and write this blog) hosts the event, so I spent all of Sunday at Idlewild Park. The event was amazing and the girls got to see a little more of Reno. And get their picture taken with this pretty fellow…

The next week was my last full week of classes. To celebrate, Jimmy and I decided to take a quick trip to EDH and SF. Oh, and it was our anniversary too!! Five whole years – can you believe it? Our first stop was Jimmy’s parents house. We enjoyed a lovely dinner then left the pugs to spend some quality time with their grandparents while Jimmy and I headed off the SF for the night. On our way, we stopped in Sacramento to see the sights. I can’t remember ever going to Sacramento. Is that strange?? So I insisted on taking a picture of the Capitol building. Jimmy thought I was crazy!

I also insisted on having a vegan hot dog on a stick. So worth it! Then on to SF where we browsed the shops on Union, had the most amazing tomato soup, ate a fabulous dinner at Betelnut and then Jimmy worked it all off by throwing Ewan around for a couple hours.

The next day, we went to the most amazing farmers market and had a lovely brunch.

And we can’t have a trip to SF without a stop at the park. When did the jungle gyms get so scary?

Then is was back to EDH. The pugs had a great time and took full advantage of us being gone. I think they went through an entire bag of carrots and half a block of cheese! So we took them to Jimmy’s old elementary school to get some exercise before we headed back over the summit to Reno.

The next weekend, I headed to Vegas to see Alyssa in her last high school play. It was Beauty and the Beast, my all-time favorite! They did such a good job! And she made one cute cheese grater! You’ll just have to trust me as this was her final costume in the show. No luck for a cheese grater shot.

My last final was Wednesday and Friday was the SPCA’s annual live and silent auction. Then Jimmy left for San Diego Saturday for a work meeting. He’s on his way to Long Beach tonight to visit his friend, Andy, then heading back to EDH tomorrow and coming home Wednesday. The pugs and I miss him! He had better hurry home!!

To see what occupied my time all semester, click here and play the habitat game. I had to learn Flash and design an online game related to the environment. Probably the most difficult, time consuming and frustrating thing I’ve ever had to do! But, the semester is over, I did very well in all my classes and I only have two more to go before I graduate!!

I’m sure there’s something I’m forgetting to tell you. I imagine it will come to me in the next few weeks. Thanks for sticking around even with my lack of posts this semester. I promise to pay more attention to you this summer!

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