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The weather has been pretty fantastic lately and with that, we have ducks!! I’m super excited about them. Two males and one female…is that common in the duck world? They’ve been hanging out for the past few days swimming in the pool. I imagine that doesn’t please our management but I sure love it!

I tried to get a picture of them swimming the the pool but the maintenance guy scared them off and then I tried to get a better picture while they were outside our front door but then this happened…

Oh well! I’m enjoying it while I can. I hear it might snow this week. So long ducks and spring weather 😦

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Oh, blog, how I’ve neglected you lately. I could give you many excuses about how I’ve been so busy with school, it was journalism week, I helped put on a telethon…but you’re not here for excuses, right?

I have many fun things I’ve been meaning to share with you, but just haven’t had the time. Let’s catch you up…

Our telethon raised over $36,000 – yea SPCA!! I spent 6 hours of my Sunday organizing people and helping things run smoothly. I learned that live TV is very unforgiving! Though it was exciting, I’m not sure I’d want to be a producer. Check that and news reporter off my list!

This week, I’m on spring break – that’s exciting, right? My manager at the SPCA got in a car accident last week so I’m off from there too. She’s OK, just had to have surgery on her leg so she’s out for a bit. So, I get a whole week to catch up on school work. Not the most fun spring break ever, but life will be easier for the next six weeks.

And, it’s finally sunny and warm-ish here. The pugs have been loving their walks and Jimmy and I tried shopping for some new plants for the balcony. But it’s only been warm for two days. I guess the nurseries need a little time to get things shipped in, so our trip was a bust.

We’ve been making some super-yummy dinners with fresh veggies but today, let’s talk about owls. Sounds random? I agree, but seriously, on our spring fever home depot run, we saw this…

Crazy!! Two owls made their home on the top shelf of Home Depot’s garden center. I think they’re going to lay eggs and we’ll have little owl babies. Then they’ll have to close our HD and make it a museum for threatened species! Love it!! Now tell me, could you see something like this in Vegas? It was so worth it to move here 🙂

So, six more weeks left this semester. I’ll try my hardest to post more frequently but, until then, if you want to check out my school blogs, go here and here. They’re works in progress!

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