Happy Easter

Easter is one of my favorite days of the year. Crafting, cooking, friends, family, church, and gifts all wrapped up in one fancy little day. This year we tried tie die eggs which actually worked quite well but Addie still wanted to dye the normal way, so we have a million hard boiled eggs now. Good thing she likes to eat them! We woke up way too early this morning, the kids tore through their baskets, then we headed to church. We enjoyed a lovely brunch at the Donahoe’s house, ate delicious food, had an egg hunt. Holden wasn’t at all interested in eggs, but was thrilled with the food portion of the morning! After naps for most and a few hours of cooking we headed to my parents house for dinner. Such a fun day with my favorite people and a great way to spend Holden’s first Easter!

Butterfly Lifecycle

In case you need a refresher on the whole caterpillar/butterfly thing, here’s Addie’s class schooling you on larvae, pupa, chrysalis, and metamorphosis. 

Three of the four little munchkins have been blessed to spend their early years with the most wonderful sitter, Linda. For the past two years, I’ve been running Beckett to five therapies a week then four days of preschool in the afternoon. Instead of spending all day shuttled around to Beckett’s appointments, Coen played with his friends, ate lunch on schedule, and napped the afternoons away. About a month ago, Coen had his last day with Linda. This coincided with Judy closing her office, so Beckett’s therapies went down to just two a week and Jimmy’s been home during the day to help with the boys. We’re completely out of our routine but it’s been fun spending more hours with this funny boy! We spent a morning last week visiting our daycare friends and hopefully will visit again soon. We sure miss them but nothing beats precious extra time when these little ones are growing so quickly!

Holden – Week 51

This is it! Holden’s last weekly picture. I can’t believe next week he’ll be ONE! I’ll keep this one short since I’m sure I’ll ramble on next week, but here’s the silly boys splashing in the tub and a new skill he’s picked up this week.

Holden Week 50

This boy…his new favorite thing this week is to pull himself up on the back of my legs while I’m cooking dinner so I can’t move. It’s pretty fun. And sometimes he bites me, too. Thank goodness it’s still chilly here so my wardrobe is still pants. Baby teeth on bare legs sounds terrible! 

Addie went to a movie with her friend Friday, so Jimmy and Coen had their own date at the museum. From the looks of the pictures, I’d say it was a success!

Sunny Days

We’ve finally had some sunny weekends which obviously means we must play outside as much as possible! Last weekend, Addie and Coen pushed Beckett around in his stander. This weekend, Addie took Holden for a stroll around the neighborhood. Now she’s busy drawing a mural on the driveway and planning a pretend picnic. We also thought warm weather was ideal for potty training with big boy underwear. Look at that devilish little face. Our efforts didn’t end well.