A few weekends back, my amazingly talented friend Seema and I hosted a baby shower for our dear friend Jocelyn. This was such a fun shower to plan, thanks Pinterest. It was so pretty with yummy food and even yummier cocktails, and of course the best of friends! Jocelyn is the most gorgeous preggo mama! I can’t wait to meet the darling Ellenie in August. 

This smiley little dude is heading off to kindergarten! He had such an amazing preschool teacher so it’s bittersweet, but he’s ready for a new challenge. Not sure I am, but he’s going, like it or not. His class had a cute little ceremony to honor the graduates. Beckett thought it was the best! Praying for good things and even more amazing teachers in the future.

More Coen

My camera roll is filled with goofy pictures of Coen! I spend way too much time with this boy! Last week, at the end of swim, he and Maya floated around the pool with their noodles. Aren’t they so stinking cute?!

Coen wants to go everywhere with me…school drop offs and pick ups, the grocery, Beckett’s therapies. Last week, while strolling through Target, we decided he needed some sunglasses. He picked ninja turtles. The sides are covered in pizza slices! Pretty stylish!

We had his official three-year check up. He’s 31 pounds, 37.75 inches. They do a vision test with shapes at 3. When she was asking him if he knew all the shapes, she pointed at a mug and he said it was coffee. Clearly, he’s spending too much time with me. And he gnawed on a fig bar through the whole appointment. Just your typical toddler!

Oh, and this one. I just can’t get enough of these boys. They play so nicely with each other (most of the time). Just two brothers and their fire truck. Love, love, love!!

We finally switched Holden to a toddler car seat last week, only to discover the one we’d been saving was way expired. So, today, his new seat came! I think it’s just the angle of the picture that makes it look like there’s not much room to grow. It will hold him until 65 pounds. But look…cup holders! He’s thrilled! And now he looks directly at Coen and can poke Beckett in the head. Car rides just got so much more entertaining!

Cousin Fun in EDH

We took a quick trip to EDH last weekend. The kids played from the minute they woke up until way past bedtime each night. They had a blast with Haylee racing cars, playing with bubbles, digging for rocks, and tackling each other, then gave a riveting musical performance. A great way to spend a sunny three-day weekend.

A T Rex Named Sue

Coen has been a crazy typical threenager lately. He hasn’t slept in his own room since Christmas and pretty much stopped potty training yelling “NO!” every time we even suggest sitting on the potty. Last week, a HUGE new exhibit came to our Discovery Museum, so, like any good parents, we used it to our advantage. Three pee pees in the potty earned the right to meet a T Rex named Sue. 

He did it!!! And we met Sue. And he refused to take any pictures with us. But I promise, he had a good time. Sue will be hanging out at our museum until January so brace yourselves for lots more Sue pictures.

Coen Is 3

Look a that face! Can you believe Coen is 3? He was so excited for his party this year. We really didn’t plan much of anything, just a day at the park with a few friends. But he had the best time! As long as his friend Maya is around, he’s a happy boy! Like usual, this time of year is always crazy busy with birthdays. The day before Coen’ party, we celebrated his friend Nolan turning 4. 

Then the next day, it was Coen’s turn! The little brothers hung out in the tent while the rest ran around the park like wild children. Mom guilt hit me hard last week and my plan for a store-bought bundt cake turned into a homemade train cake. Addie and I were looking at some photo albums I found in the garage and there’s a picture of me with a train cake for my third birthday. It just seemed appropriate since I had just finished his train birthday poster.

Our 2-year-old crashed hard and woke up Monday as a 3-year-old! He didn’t get balloons in bed since he still refuses to sleep in his so we had balloons in the playroom instead. He said, “this is the best party ever” as he kicked them around the room! Silly boy! We could not love him more!

And, totally not birthday related but just because they are cute pictures from this week…Coen got so mad last time we were at swim because maya had her robe and I didn’t bring his (it was way too hot for a robe in my opinion, but clearly I was wrong). This week, I didn’t fail.

Coen went with Jimmy to pick Addie up from school one day. Somehow he found a blazer he just had to try on. I think it goes nicely with his surfboard shirt and skull shoes!!